Bryce Conrad

President and Chief Executive Officer, Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc.

Hydro Ottawa is the largest municipally owned producer of green power in Ontario, with a renewable generation capacity that is now more than 320,000 MWh annually, enough to power 38,000 homes per year. This  216% increase is due to the leadership and vision of its CEO, Bryce Conrad. Hydro Ottawa has significantly grown its renewable generation capacity through the acquisition and development of diversified sources of clean energy. Ottawa’s original hydroelectric generating stations are among a small handful of Canadian green power generation facilities certified by the Federal government sponsored EcoLogo program. These facilities help to reduce greenhouse gases by almost 200,000 metric tons of CO2 per year.
LOVE, Peter

Peter Love

President, Love Energy Consultants Inc.

A "lifer" when it comes to electrifying the push to greater energy efficiency and leading advocate for a culture of conservation, Peter Love of the Energy Services Association of Canada and Adjunct Professor at York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies played a key role in convincing the Ontario government to increase the minimum energy efficiency standards in the province’s building code. The new code came into effect in 2012 and is among the most stringent in North America and is expected to result in electricity savings of about 500 MW by 2014. This has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in additional sales of insulation and other clean tech energy efficiency products. Peter serves on handful of clean tech and NGO boards and is a volunteer Advisor with the Cleantech Practice at MaRS.

Travis Ritchie

Manager - Environment, Assessment and Licencing, Yukon Energy Corporation

As Manager, Environment, Assessment and Licencing at Yukon Energy Corp. Travis Ritchie works to enhance both sustainability and stakeholder engagement. That means helping the territory’s utility realize benefits from existing facilities and supporting restoration in areas impacted by previous energy infrastructure development. Travis approaches each project in a way that respects both community and environment. He also serves as vice-chair of the Canadian Electricity Association’s Sustainable Electricity Program National Steering Committee, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Auditing Association of Canada and the Western and Northern Canada Affiliate of the International Association for Impact Assessment.  

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