Clean50 Photo - STRANDBERG Coro

Coro Strandberg

Principal, Strandberg Consulting

Repeat Clean50 honouree Coro Strandberg coaches organizations to award-winning sustainability performance and freely shares her research and thought leadership to advance sustainability in Canada and beyond. In partnership with The Natural Step, Coro provided sustainability advice to The Co-operators, leading to the company’s rating as a top corporate citizen by two national rankings. Coro's ground-breaking research, "Qualities of a Transformational Company", helps companies transition their business to accelerate society’s shift to sustainability. She adapted the qualities to specific industries and one client, Vancouver Community College, adopted Canada’s first-ever Transformational College Sustainability Strategy, which includes a commitment to move to net-zero and eventually net-positive impacts in select environmental areas. Learn more about Coro...
Clean50 Photo – TAYLOR Bruce

Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor, P.Eng, President, Enviro-Stewards Inc., Enviro-Stewards

Bruce founded Enviro-Stewards, which in 2014 was recognized by B lab as one of the "best companies for the world" due to its’ overall impact.   A third party assessment of 27 projects completed by the company under an On-Site Technical Assistance Program found that 90% of facilities intend to implement all or most of Enviro-Stewards’ recommendations, which will collectively save the facilities $5.8 million per year with 100% ROI and avoid 462 tonnes of toxics, 1,984 tonnes of hazardous waste, 685,000 m3/yr of water, 4,600,000 m3 of natural gas, 9,300 mWh of electricity, and 10,700 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. These projects injected much needed net revenue into facilities to improve their economic competitiveness while substantially reducing their footprints. Learn more about Bruce...
Clean50 Photo - TORR Stuart

Stuart Torr

President, Integrated Sustainability Consultants

In 2010, Stuart founded Integrated Sustainability as a niche engineering consulting company specializing in serving Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry with sustainable answers to water and waste management problems.  Through a growing reputation for providing unique and effective solutions, the company has grown from 1 to 60 employees in 3.5 years.  The innovative approach taken by the team often helps clients understand that sometimes a more capital intensive investment up front can lead not only to a radically enhanced ROI, but also a far more sustainable solution for all stakeholders. Learn more about Stuart...
Clean50 Photo – VAN AANHOUT Michael

Michael van Aanhout

Chairman, Stratos

Residents of impacted communities and taxpayers struggle with the toxic environmental and social legacies of orphaned and abandoned mines – the result of inadequate standards and enforcement and poor practices in the past.  In addition to addressing abandoned mines and contaminated sites in Canada’s North, Michael and Stratos work to improve current and future mining operations by contributing significantly to the development and success of the Mining Association of Canada’s “Towards Sustainable Mining” Initiative.  Michael is also leading Stratos’ work to advance thought leadership and dialogue on evolving approaches to regional planning and decision making related to sustainable resource development. Learn more about Michael...