Clean50 Photo - DEMARCO Elisabeth

Lisa DeMarco

Partner, head, Toronto Energy Practice and Chair, Sustainability & Climate Change International Business Group, Norton Rose Fulbright

When it comes to working from within to transform the traditional energy paradigm, Lisa is seemingly everywhere - but hardly "business as usual". She chairs her team of global lawyers focussed on sustainability and climate change, successfully coordinated leading energy storage providers to push for energy innovation and related energy storage procurement targets to further optimize Ontario’s sustainable energy and coal phase out policies, worked with TAF, assisting with the legal structure of its initiative to encourage off balance sheet financing of energy retrofits through an “Energy Savings Performance Agreement (ESPA)” Structure, is a member of several boards where she is focused on sustainable innovation and evolution of the energy industry, has assisted International Finance Corporation on various innovative carbon transactions and climate policy around the world and assisted the OSC in the development of the CSA’s S1-333 Environmental Disclosure Guideline.
Clean50 Photo - BURPEE Jim

Jim Burpee

President and CEO, Canadian Electricity Association

Jim has been a driving force in the electricity sector for promoting sustainability, and the opportunity for the sector to reduce the carbon intensity of the North American economy. He led the development of Vision 2050, which establishes the context for decisions to be made within the sector over the next ten years, to shape what our system looks like in 2050. The document discusses carbon options, highlighting carbon pricing as the most economical way to reduce GHG emissions. Under Jim's leadership, the CEA publishes an annual Sustainable Electricity report with numerous performance indicators, and has launched a Sustainable Electricity Company brand initiative. Learn more about Jim...

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