Filling out the DETAILED Nomination Form – FAQ

Canada’s Clean50 Awards (Individual and Emerging Leader Awards)

Filling out the DETAILED Nomination Form

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

DEADLINES SET: The deadline to have been nominated is JULY 1.   Anyone nominated by July 1 has until 11:00 AM JULY 4th  to complete this LONG form or a week from the date they are notified of their nomination, whichever is the later date. Extensions will not be given.

Who may fill out the Detailed Nomination Form?
This Questionnaire  may be completed by either the nominee or someone with full knowledge of the nominee’s accomplishments and the organization’s sustainability metrics – and with permission from the nominee to commit the Nominees time with respect to their ongoing engagement with the Clean50 – and to attend the Summit on September 28th, 2017.  While commitment to Summit attendance is not mandatory, and we are all aware that “life happens”, subsequently reneging on a firm commitment is not well received.

To be named to the Clean50 Honour, the Nominee themselves will be required to stipulate that the claims made are as accurate as reasonably possible, and not knowingly in error.

Obviously, the more complete the Nomination Form is, the better the chances of selection. We anticipate that some people may not complete the entire form, but please do your best.


Can’t I just send you my CSR Report?
Please! DO NOT – DO NOT – DO NOT refer us to your CSR report.  Answer our questions.  The only external “stuff” we need is your picture!   You may draw our attention to a CSR Report as additional backup if you wish – but please keep in mind we care about the *individual* and their contribution to same. –  and the package we give to our Advisory Board (aka Judges) will not include anything not included on our submission form.

What Activities are Considered / Eligible ?
PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS AS IF THE PHRASE “Between January 1, 2015 and March 31, 2017….” PRECEDED THE QUESTION, unless otherwise instructed.

Activities which began before those dates – or continue afterwards may be considered as well – but the work must have been completed in the time frame – and the results tabulated from completion through March 31st.

** Is there a separate form for the Emerging Leaders Awards?

No – Nominees for the Emerging Leaders category should select the Clean50 category most appropriate to the activities they believe best demonstrate their accomplishments, and respond to those questions.   Emerging Leaders will be judged relative to first: – the full Clean50 category in which they are best suited, and only then, if not selected for the individual Clean50 award, be compared to all others who are eligible in the Emerging Leader category.

** How old can I be and still be an “emerging” leader ?

Emerging Leaders will be considered for accomplishments completed before their 35th birthday, and within the dates as framed.  For example, if the Emerging Leader nominee turned 35 in October 2015, only accomplishments between Jan 1, 2015 and October 2015 would be considered in the Emerging Leader category.  ALL work completed prior to March 31,2017 will be considered for the “full” Clean50 Award.

** Can I “save” my form responses and complete them later? /  Can I know all the questions in advance so I can prepare?

Unfortunately Google Forms does not allow use of a “save / save draft” function.  To get around this, we suggest you email us ( or and we will send you a WORD version of the form, so you can prepare – and then cut and paste your responses into the form when you are completely prepared.   DO NOT submit the Word version instead.  We are unable to process it properly, although if you do care to submit it IN ADDITION, you may do so by emailing a word doc called “c50 – NOMINEE  LAST NAME.- First name”  (i.e. “c50-SUZUKI-David”) to

** Must I answer every question?

Some questions may not apply – or you may not wish to answer.  If that is the situation, simply enter N/A or “no response” accordingly.  We have set all questions as “required”  to ensure you at least see and respond to all questions and don’t overlook one by mistake.

You may elect to skip questions if you feel the content is irrelevant to the Clean50 Honour in your nominee’s case – or for competitive or confidentiality reasons. If that data is essential we may call you to discuss. Keep in mind that we also consider the company’s actions when measuring the leadership of the individual nominee and determining the results, but it is the individual’s actions and impacts that are the primary criteria.

** Can’t I just upload a Bio or a CV?

Please DO NOT attempt to upload a full BIO or a Corporate Report or Sustainability Report – in whole or in part.   You can create a link to reports further down – and email us a bio or resume if need be.  We will not consider responses which are incomplete on their own.

** How much information are you expecting?

Unless specifically requested, we anticipate a typical response to any question will not usually be more than 200 words but some may run more at your discretion.  We appreciate a full explanation, metrics where available, and an explanation of impacts – or the “why” – why something is important!  Please do not assume expert knowledge on our part.  Often Nominees tell us about a particular accomplishment, but we fail to truly “get it” – or understand why it’s important in their particular industry.  So… Help us understand…  We will read carefully all that you submit.  Please also answer the question we asked (often we get detailed responses to questions we haven’t asked yet – but will later in the form).

** Our nominee won before. Can they win again?

Yes! If the nominee is a former Clean50 honouree, please do not include accomplishments for which the nominee has already been honoured except those that have been replicated since March 2015 or March 2016 as the case may be (the Clean50 announced in 2015 were only assessed for contributions up to March of 2015 – those announced in September 2016 were assessed for contributions up to March 2016).

After being named to the Clean50 4 times, honourees will be considered and reported annually as “Life Members”, but will no longer be eligible to be part of the primary list.

** Will the form expire?

Once you start, there is no time limit for completing the form (beyond the deadline date). Simply ensure you keep it open in your browser until complete. If you find yourself in the wrong question stream (i.e. Primary Resources instead of Public Sector) go back without answering questions by using the BACK button at the BOTTOM of the page (NOT NOT NOT in your browser).  If you make an error you will be able to edit it, even after submission by emailing us an update.

** I don’t know which category is best for me. Can I enter in two?

Yes. If you wish to be considered in two categories, please answer fully first in your “second choice” category, and then at the conclusion of those questions, when asked if you have entered in each category you wish to, say NO and you will be returned to select another category.  Submit for your BEST / most appropriate category LAST.

** Is there any cost to be considered for the award?

Short answer: “No”.

Delta Management Group is pleased to act as the primary champion and steward of the Clean50, and we have several partners, including the Globe and Mail as our Media Partner, and HP Canada as our Clean50 Alumni Engagement Partner and others.

We, and our partners, underwrite the costs associated with

– the physical award itself (a handsome plaque fashioned from a combination of bamboo and the Canadian “Maple Leaf Forever Tree” many honourees display proudly on their walls)

– the participation of the actual individual honouree (or one member of a team) at the Summit

– Inclusion of all the Clean50 Honourees’ names & pictures in the Globe and Mail

– inclusion of ALL of the Honourees’ pictures and brief bio in the Summit program

– publicizing the Award and the nomination process

– the extensive screening process that nominees undergo

– the cost for Clean50 Alumni to come back to the Summit each year

– transportation from the RCYC tender dock to the RCYC Island clubhouse

Additional attendees to the Summit on September 28th pay ~ $495. as do alternates sent in the Honouree’s stead, second or subsequent team members, and additional team members, if there is sufficient room.

Please note: Our policy is that we do NOT mail or ship the Awards.  They must be picked up in person, either at the Summit by the Honouree or their designate, or at an otherwise mutually convenient time.

We do not cover travel or other expenses related to Summit attendance.  There is no cost to be considered for anyone – or to attend the Summit itself for individual honourees – but getting there is up to the honouree, as is the cost of parking.

** Is there any cost to ACCEPT the award?

Again – short answer “No”.   But..

All Honourees when offered the award are required to sign a license agreement that governs how they may identify themselves as a Clean50 Honouree if they wish to accept the award, and before their award can or will be made public.

Any Honouree who wishes to self identify as a Clean50 or Clean16 or Clean50 Emerging Leader Honouree – or whose organization wishes to in any way publicize the fact that their employee has won a Clean50 related Award – is required to pay a nominal licensing fee, in exchange for which they are entitled to use both the “Clean50″ wordmark, and display the appropriate Clean50 logo in a non commercial fashion (i.e. on a resume, or Linked-In profile), in perpetuity and to wear the Clean50 Pin in perpetuity.   All fees paid are a one time fee for the Honouree’s lifetime.

Ongoing use of the Clean50 wordmark or logo by the organization employing the Honouree requires payment of a commercial use licensing fee, which varies by type of Honouree’s organization and the form of use desired, ranging from under $100. (ENGOs) to $1,395.00 (non B corp incorporated companies)  Payment of the fees helps defer some of the significant costs incurred by the organizers, and is only required if the organization wishes to publicize their receipt of the Clean50 Award.

** How can our organization be a part of this?

If your organization would be interested in supporting the Clean50 Awards, and more importantly, the ongoing work of the Clean50, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please note: Sponsorship information is never shared with the Advisors and so will have no effect on Honouree selection whatsoever.

But it will guarantee that your story and commitment to advancing sustainability are noticed!  We are hugely grateful to: HP Canada, the Globe and Mail, Bullfrog, and Enwave for being our early supporters this year.

** What if the Honouree can’t attend and my team was a huge part of what we accomplished?  What about other team members?

Honourees are entitled to send an alternate in their place. They may also invite a team member or members to accompany them, and to participate to the extent space permits (first come first served), in all activities at the Summit.

However, those individuals (alternates and team members) will be charged for their participation, as are Alumni honourees (supported by HP) .  For Summit 6.0, Alternates and Team Members 2-4 will be charged $595 for the full day. (Special rates are made available for students and NGO / NFPs – inquire if appropriate and you are named).

** What happens to the data you collect?

Privacy Policy

The background data on these forms will be treated as confidential and will not be openly published, but will be retained in perpetuity, and used to validate, and if successful, publicly describe Honourees’ accomplishments, so all submitted  data needs to be accurate and complete – and not subject to any confidentiality restrictions – unless you specifically identify same.

Names and associated coordinate data will be shared with:
– the people from Delta Management, and externally, with the Clean50 Advisory team, and Clean50 Summit organizers and as required to make a decision as to who will be named to the 2018 Clean50 Honour and coordinate the event.
– The Clean50 mailing list is not shared with any other party as a list, except that contact coordinates of Honourees will be shared with other Honourees, past, present.and future upon request.
– Delta does work with category champions to prepare and send out a single unique message about our category champion to nominees in their category.  These are one time messages usually of interest to the category nominees.  A list of nominees in a particular category(ies) may be shared with the sponsor / champion of that category
– Delta helps our category sponsors and supporters in delivering their specific message to those specific category nominees.  The only data shared is Company name, nominee name and title, email address and phone number.
– On an individual request basis, where there is clear value to the nominee, Delta may make introductions.  For example, if through a nomination we become aware of a nominee’s unique clean tech product, or consulting offering, we may introduce a prospective customer / client to the nominee.
– Any resumes submitted in support of an nomination will be retained separately from any others Delta has on file – and will not be shared with anyone at any time, ever, without the individual’s express permission

ALL data submitted, and is used to determine ultimate honourees may be made public unless specifically and clearly identified as confidential.  Obviously if too much relevant information is unable to be shared. we will have a difficult time defending the prospective honouree receiving the award, so if marking information as confidential, the information should be able to be made available to the public in September 2017.

** How will I know if I won?

Once the selection is complete, honourees will be contacted.  Our goal is before August 20th.  Honourees will be required to formally accept the honour within 5 days, and sign and accept the terms of an agreement as provided to them at the time.  Once all selections are finalized and Honourees have accepted, other nominees will be notified.  IF you are not available between July 25 and August 20th, please make sure someone is monitoring your email.  IF YOU FAIL TO RESPOND OR ACCEPT THE AGREEMENT IN A TIMELY FASHION, the offer to become a member of the Clean50 may be withdrawn.   If we don’t get an agreed upon self description or photo by  August 25th Delta will retain the discretion as to what to print.

** What will get published?

Honourees will be given the ability to amend their descriptions in conjunction with Delta, before any data about the honouree appears publicly.  Prospective Honourees are encouraged to submit high resolution photos via email NOW.  Photos should be portrait in nature, high resolution, at least 1000 X 1400 pixels, and cropped to be on a 5×7 ratio and be 85% “face” rather than a full body shot. Take a look at existing photos on the website for composition objectives. Please observe the requirements as noted later in this form – notably – send us only a single picture, make sure it is on a ratio of 5×7 – and name it as described below in more detail – i.e. “GOODALL Jane.jpg” or “GORE Al.bmp”

** Any last advice for filling in the form?

Why yes, actually!
Please do not describe yourself as a “sought after speaker”, an “active blogger”, or a “visionary”.  We don’t care if you have a million Twitter followers – unless you can prove that your tweets motivated them to do something we can measure. If you want to reference those activities, be sure to tie them to the real-world results (beyond collecting “LIKE”s on Facebook) that your activities have produced.   For example: IF your Blog produced a list of commitments from your readers who then reported back on their activities, that would be something we can measure.  That they clicked or “liked” is not.

The Clean50 Award is not about popularity.   It’s about measurable results.

We want to know what the IMPACT of your speech is (beyond your personal contribution to climate change), the ACTIONS your blogging can be shown to have inspired, and the RESULTS from realizing your vision.   These awards are for measurable impacts – not for collecting twitter followers.  If you do have a gazillion Twitter followers,  then you need to have them provide you with specific details of the activities they have undertaken as a result of your Tweeted inspiration

A couple more “DON’Ts”: Please don’t tell us you are passionate about the environment (that is assumed) or about your parental status (not relevant).  However, the fact you “walk” (or bike) the talk might be… for example the fact you bike 20K to work 4 days out of 5 might be relevant.  The fact you don’t own a car – or that you retrofitted your home with solar or ground source energy might also be of interest.  Finally, please resist the urge to tell us about anything you or your company did prior to 2015 unless expressly tied to the results you are now reporting.

Finally, this award recognizes LEADERSHIP: it is an individual award for the LEADER – rather than an organizational award or a team award. You may nominate a small team (maximum four people) if the work completed was exceptional and there is no way to identify a leader. In that case, nominate the “team lead” and then enter the team members’ names on the extra pages as provided.  PLEASE – DO NOT try and subvert the form by, for example,  combining multiple first names in the spot for first name – or by putting someone’s full name under First name and a second nominee under “family name”,      This only serves to totally mess up the system and will guarantee we consider someone else! There is room for up to 3 additional names and data at the end of the form.

TEAMS will have a much harder time being selected to the top Clean16 award.

Good Luck!  We look forward to speaking with you soon.
(c) Delta Management Group 2017

HEY !   You missed my question!!

If you wish to ask questions please contact us via email: or via telephone: Gavin Pitchford; 416.925.2005 x 2300. We are VERY approachable! If you need help or clarification, please don’t hesitate to call or send an email to

And remember – The questions are a start – the follow up conversation will allow for clarification and discussion.