Advisory Board

We are deeply indebted to our five advisors and our interns who help us assess numerous nominees based on their deep knowledge across the many segments that we are considering. Any errors or omissions should be attributed solely to Delta Management.

hopkinsCharles Hopkins
is an internationally recognized expert in sustainability and driving change by educating the educator. He holds the UNESCO Chair on Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability at York University which directs a global network of faculties of education in over 60 countries. He is also a senior advisor to the United Nations University’s program on Education for Sustainable Development. He is the co-director of the Sustainability and Education Academy at York University and the executive director of the John Dearness Environmental Society.

Chuck not only walks the talk – he flies it.  Despite the fact that his role requires flights totaling some 300,000 miles annually, Chuck flies in coach.


2013_horvathCelesa Horvath is the Principle of Ventus Development Services.  She has played a leading role at the cutting edge, advising a wide variety of major corporations on corporate responsibility, sustainable development, environmental assessments and regulatory affairs, and overall strategy, since 1990.

Working with private and public sector clients in the natural resource, infrastructure, municipal development and other sectors, Celesa has advanced the adoption and integration of corporate responsibility and sustainability best practices in leading companies and organizations in Canada and internationally and was named to Canada’s 2013 Clean50.

She has deep expertise in both policy and strategy formulation, practical implementation, and offers strategic advice regarding environmental assessment and regulatory processes for projects across Canada and internationally, including China and the Middle East. While her clients are in the energy, mining, infrastructure, transportation, and government sectors, she has also worked with associations and community initiatives, and gives support and time to several sustainability focused initiatives – including the Clean50.

marcilAntony Marcil, B.Mech. Eng., M.B.A.

Antony has built award winning sustainability programs in virtually every industry sector and in more than 100 countries around the world and now serves as Executive Vice President of Zerofootprint in Toronto.

In the past 20 years, Antony served as the CEO of the World Environment Center and as CEO of Forest Stewardship Council Canada, focusing on areas such as energy and resource efficiency, environment, health and safety, accident prevention, response and mitigation, environmentally-driven tax reform,and responsible forestry. In 1997, Antony was named to the first, worldwide list of the Top 100 Figures in Environment, Sustainable Development and Social Issues by The Earth Times, a publication associated with the United Nations clean16_2012in New York and Geneva.

Previously, Antony headed Hoyles Niblock Overseas Limited, a Canadian telecommunications consulting engineering company in Iran, the Consulting arm of Interimco Limited in Ottawa and Permawick International N.V., a lubricants and automatic assembly equipment manufacturing company in Belgium.

Among his many talents, Antony speaks French, Spanish and Farsi. His recent awards include the 2012 Canada’s Clean50™ award, and Canada’s Clean16™ as the leader in the Primary Resources category, the 2008 PrintAction Environmental Innovator Gold Award and the 2008 PrintAction magazine Readers’ Choice Canada’s Ten Most Influential People in Graphic Communications.

mccollVelma McColl
joined the Earnscliffe Strategy Group in 2004, where she works on a range of economic and social issues, specializing in energy, environment and green technologies. Previously, she advised several Federal Cabinet Ministers on political strategy, policy and communications. Her career includes success as an entrepreneur and experience working collaboratively with business, academia, not-for-profit organizations and the public sector. A Westerner with more than a decade in Ottawa, she is a frequent writer and commentator on international and national energy and climate change issues. She is co-founder of the Canadian Clean Technology Coalition.


Delta Management Group’s Clean50 Team:
Gavin Pitchford CTO – Chief Talent Officer, Delta Management Group


Gavin founded the Clean50 Awards in June 2011, with input and inspiration from Charles Hopkins, Kevin Dunal, Celesa Horvath, Paul Cassel and most importantly, Toby Heaps, and has been the prime driver behind the awards since, with lots of help and guidance from the Advisors pictured above.

For his”day job”, Gavin runs Delta Management Group – a recruitment firm with a practice focused in technology, clean tech and sustainability.  For questions about the Clean50, he can be reached at 416-925-2005 x 2300.