Top FIFTEEN Projects

As an offshoot of the Clean50 Award, in the process of evaluating candidates to be named to the Clean50, we also became aware of outstanding individual projects by whole companies, or large teams and where either individual credit was difficult to ascribe, or where the individual project, while outstanding, was not sufficient on its own to overtake an larger body of work by others. One project in particular in 2011 was the achievement of 0% waste to landfill by Tremco — yet we could not find an individual on the team willing to accept credit.

In the hopes of providing a detailed playbook for others to emulate, this year, Delta, in conjunction with its team of CSR and Sustainability Advisors, will also be identifying and recognizing up to the top 15 projects or initiatives completed over the past 2 years based upon their innovation, overall impact and the influential / inspirational example they may set for others.

The Clean15 Projects will be ranked as top 5, top 10 and top 15.

Our primary objective is two fold: To celebrate and recognize achievement – and to stimulate more of the same.  If multiple very similar projects are nominated, we reserve the right to recognize only the top 1 or 2 – depending on the circumstances – and then turn our attention to other types of projects.  For example, if we were to have 10 submissions from companies deploying renewable energy generation technologies on their rooftops, and others who developed unique waste reduction strategies, even if all 10 solar projects generated higher impacts than any of the waste projects, we would most likely choose to recognize only the leading 1 or 2 renewable energy  deployments – and then turn our attention elsewhere, in order to inspire / influence a broader cross section of Canadians.

One or two team members from each winning project team are eligible to attend and participate in the Clean50 Summit (attendance of Project winners is NOT sponsored at this time.)

Please click here to nominate a Sustainability Project.