The Clean50 Honouree Video Series

Hear directly from some of the Clean50 Award winners the stories behind their efforts and about the things that matter to them – as well as their unique contributions to sustainability in Canada.

 Reza Nasseri - Notoriously modest Clean16 Honouree and Landmark Group of Builders CEO Reza Nasseri describes the way in which his company builds residential homes for one of the toughest climates on the planet - makes them almost "net zero" ready - and then delivers them to Albertans at virtually the same cost as the "typical" homes that consume much more energy right next door. "Net Zero" homes consume essentially the same amount of energy they themselves produce.  "Net Zero Ready" refers to homes that will, with the rooftop installation of today's solar panels by the homeowner, reach that goal. To manage that in Edmonton is pretty special   And to do it at the same cost is even more so.  

 Celine Bak - Clean16 Honouree, Analytica Advisors CEO, and Canadian Clean Tech industry expert Celine Bak discusses the state of Clean Tech in Canada - and the opportunities for prosperity the industry offers Canadians, including ten things we need to know about the industry.

 Bill Galloway - The Senior Vice-President of Holcim Canada and Clean50 Honouree Bill Galloway discusses his personal commitment to improving the sustainability of his own company's practices, the creation of SERA, partnering with stakeholders, Holcim's demonstrated efforts to reduce their environmental impact, and a major new investment to capture excess energy from their processes to produce electricity and feed it onto the grid.