About the 2013 Clean 50

A year ago, Canada’s inaugural Clean50 honourees and their teams gathered on Toronto Island to tackle the grand challenges of sustainability. The transformative ideas generated in that one-day summit continue to fuel collaboration, learning, even inspiration among participants. A new community of leaders in sustainable business is on its feet. Today, we are proud to introduce to that group another generation, if you will, of sustainability heroes, from sixteen diverse categories.

Leaders don’t merely oversee; they inspire. Leaders convince us to take meaningful action on the most important issues we face. At Delta Management, twenty years of recruiting leaders have shown us that they, in turn, also need inspiration. So we created the Clean50 to recognize, celebrate and inspire leaders from multiple sectors sectors, who are taking us towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

This year, we’ve been overwhelmed by the number and quality of submissions: Approximately 500 in all, of which 132 were judged to be finalists — great news for Canada!

In making our selections, we looked for evidence of leadership, creativity and courage, and for achievements with measurable, tangible results. We found plenty. We hope you’ll take inspiration from the Clean16 stories here, and beyond them, from the wealth of exciting leadership initiatives we’ve uncovered, along with full lists of honourees and projects — all here, at the Clean50 website.

On September 19th, 2012, at the second annual Clean50 Summit, this year’s honourees will add their commitment and energy to the innovative work begun by the inaugural Clean50. Please join us at www.Clean50.com in following their remarkable progress. We’re proud to bring these exceptional leaders together, and excited to watch their accelerating momentum as a force for sustainable growth in Canada