Devon Page, Richard Brooks, Dr. Hank Venema
Mayor Brad Woodside, Gregor Robertson, Mayor Dianne Watts
Jack Elliott, Eric Murray, Robert Niven, Dr. Peter Tsantrizos
Valerie Chort, Michael Gerbis, Celesa Horvath
Mark Jaccard, Blair Feltmate, Peter Kendall
Carl Blanchet, Sandy Marshall, Steam Whistle Brewing Co. Founders
Judy Fairburn, Bill Galloway, William Redelmeier, Dr. Anthony Watanabe PhD
Office of Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Emissions Trading, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Province of Ontario, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Building and Development Branch
Christopher Burtch, Richard Berry, Dr. Phillip Jessop, Whalepower
Canadian Tire Sustainability Team, Helmi Ansari, Debbie Baxter, John Coyne
Hewlett Packard Canada Team, Marcus Goodick, Joan Prowse