About the 2018 Clean 50

The Clean50 for 2018 is now public!

This year’s list is a remarkable group of individuals who have done much to fight climate change, and raise awareness of how transition to a low carbon economy is a remarkable opportunity for Canada and Canadians to embrace.

This year’s Clean50 list has several themes, in particular The Circular Economy is well represented by honourees who are repurposing their own waste in order to eliminate it altogther, upcycling old things into new things, and others just designing better: thinking about the products’ end-of-life  in the design phase.  We even have honourees who are capturing waste CO2 emissions which is later transformed into 45 million cucumbers!

It’s also about doing more – with less material.  Using fewer resources in production.  Thinking different.  Did you know it takes 90% less water to create a pound of protein from insects than from meat?  Two of this year’s Honourees have world leading results, one in capturing carbon with algae, and another converting waste plastic back to a virgin state – completely reusable. The latter radically alters the amount of oil we need to take out of the ground!   Learning from these trailblazers can help you and your organization do better.

Hover over the [Honourees] tab and then the [2018 Clean50] tab.  From there, then select how you would like to view the 2018 Clean50 Honourees from the options to the right – by Category (all Honourees visible, one category at a time), by Clean16 (just the Clean16 Honourees) by Clean50 – ALL the Honourees, including the Emerging Leaders, in alphabetical order or see just the Emerging Leaders.