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Clean 50 is proud to present our annual report featured in Toronto’s Globe and Mail.

Clean 50 2017 – The Globe and Mail


Balance Coaching
Sponsors of the Clean50 Summit 6.0, RCYC Toronto
Dr. Dianne Saxe
Commissioner of
Prof. Majid
Simon Fraser University
Dr. David Bressler Biorefining
Conversions Network
Kevin Moran Titanium
Verschuren Smart Prosperity / NRStor
Christian Wentzel Solar Provider Group
Jenise Lee CertClean
Cedric Tetzel London Drugs
*The Water Brothers
Team Cara Clairman Plug’n Drive
Tania Caceres Risk Nexus
Laura Zizzo Zizzo Strategy
Dr. David Bell Learning for a
Sustainable Future
David Dodge Green Energy Futures
Kelly Drennan Fashion Takes Action
*CoPower Team Nancy Wright GLOBE Series
Karen Hamberg Westport Fuel
Robert Shirkey Our Horizon
Rod Lever Cowater
Nicholas Parker Global Acceleration
*Canada Cleantech
Team Jeanne Medland KingSett Capital
Philip Gillin Sun Life Financial
Brian Denney Toronto and Region
Conservation Authority
Jeff Addison Kiko Water Systems
Guy Drouin Biothermica Carbone
Audrey Mascarenhas
Questor Technology
*ALUS Canada Team Andrée-Lise Méthot Cycle Capital
Andrew Bowerbank EllisDon
*Sustainability CoLab
Team Vincent Chornet
Milla Craig Millani Perspectives
Dr. Eric Bauce Université Laval
Christine Bergeron Vancity Savings Credit
Andrew Hejnar 3M Canada
We don’t just have to ADAPT…
Gregg Curwin TruLeaf
Hon. Glen Murray Province of Ontario
Judson Whiteside Magna International
Joel Baziuk Steveston Harbour Authority
Lorraine Mitchelmore Smart Prosperity/Shell
Hon. Rachel Notley
Premier, Province of
Dr. Michel Laberge General Fusion
Juergen Puetter Blue Fuel Energy
Stuart Lombard ecobee
Howard Chang Top Drawer
Anthony Haines Toronto Hydro
*Team members: (top row / bottom row, left to right): ALUS Canada Team: Bryan Gilvesy , Lynn Bishop , Lara Ellis , Dave Reid | Sustainability CoLab Team: Mike Morrice, Priyanka Lloyd | Canada
Cleantech Team: Jane Kearns , Denis Leclerc, Jonathan Rhone , Jason Switzer | CoPower Team: David Berliner , Raphael Bouskila , Trish Nixon | The Water Brothers Team: Alex Mifflin, Tyler Mifflin
Candice Luck buildABILITY
Dr. Walter Mérida Clean Energy
Research Centre, UBC
The Canada’s Clean50 Honour is awarded annually to the 50 individual
leaders (and small teams) who have contributed the most to enhancing
sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada over the prior 2 years. Now
in its sixth year, over 300 remarkable individuals have been recognized
for their significant accomplishments and leadership.
The annual Clean50 Summit brings together sustainability, policy
and clean tech experts from disparate Canadian endeavors, seeking
to enhance opportunities for these leaders find new and innovative
ways to collaborate. These individuals collectively lead the fight against
climate change and embrace a low carbon future, improve both
corporate and environmental performance, and enhance Canada’s
Honourees are selected by lead sponsor, corporate sustainability
and clean tech search firm Delta Management Group, with assistance
from a distinguished team of advisors, and support from sustainability
champions The Globe and Mail, HP Canada, The Toronto Dominion
Bank, Enwave, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bullfrog Power and Staples.
Winners are chosen from over 500 nominees spanning 16 distinct
categories: Advocacy & ENGOs, Angels & Investors, Cities, Building,
Clean Tech, Consultants, Education & Thought Leadership, Financial &
Services, Manufacturing & Transportation, Primary Resources, Public
Sector, R&D, Renewable and Traditional Energy Generation, Retail &
Consumer, and Technology, Telecom & Communications.
Clean50 leaders come from many backgrounds. The majority, drawn from commercial enterprises, are professionals who possess a deep
understanding of sustainability and how to adapt those learnings to the benefit of their organizations. And in the process, increase profits and
resiliency – and become more attractive to both employees and investors. But to be successful, those organizations’ efforts need government
and energy utility support, clean technology to drive down emissions, and the technical knowledge shared by academics and ENGOs. Hence the
need for a Clean50 Summit – where these exemplary individuals can learn from each other, collaborate and accelerate progress.
Amongst many other things, individual Clean50 honourees this past year have led organizations or efforts that have:
• Invented/deployed clean technologies that: helps
organizations reduce boiler and HVAC expenses by a
documented 20%+; harvests water from the air in the
desert; destroys methane emissions from coal mining; and
allows Edmonton to eventually convert 90% of its waste into
enough biofuel to power 400,000 cars
• Used wind to create low carbon fuels
• Led clean tech investment in excess of $230 million,
producing thousands of jobs
• Led the largest environmental shift in Alberta’s history
• Created sustainability focused education materials and
resources for thousands of teachers and millions of school
• Created one of the most sustainable university campuses in
the world – now carbon neutral, and engaging over 27,000
students Led the implementation of Ontario’s carbon cap
and trade
• Pioneered deployment of grid scale energy storage solutions
Clean50 Sponsors
Selected based on innovation, and their ability to inform and inspire other Canadians
Geoff Osborne Associate, NRStor
Emily Partington
Project Director, Sustainability & Energy, WSP
Apoorv Sinha
President, Carbon Upcycling Technologies
Claire Bennett Manager: Sustainability Office, Wilfrid Laurier University
Kevin Davies Founder & CEO, Hop Compost
Serguei Tchertok Manager, Sustainability, Grand & Toy
Tikvah Mindorff Executive Director , Niagara Sustainability Initiative
Ruth Legg Manager, Sustainability, HSBC Bank Canada
Joanna Kyriazis Policy Director, Zizzo Strategy
Andrew White Chief Executive Officer, CHAR Technologies
The best of the next generation of Canada’s Clean50 Leaders.
Each with extraordinary accomplishments measured against their years of experience.
Canada’s Clean50 for 2017, shown here with Ontario Lieutenant-Governor
Elizabeth Dowdeswell, gathered on Toronto Island for the Clean50 Summit 6.0, and
spent a full day collaborating with past recipients and other sustainability leaders (not
shown), considering better ways to engage more Canadians and organizations in the
fight against climate change.
The Canada’s Clean50 Award is given annually to the 50 individual leaders who have
done the most to advance clean capitalism and sustainable development in Canada
over the prior 2 years. The full list of Clean50 individual honourees for 2017 appears in
a different announcement.
For more information, or to make a nomination, visit | @clean50
• City of Kimberley, Teck Resources &
EcoSmart Foundation, SunMine – Converting
a Minesite to a Solar Field,
Scott Sommerville
• Learning for a Sustainable Future
Educational Resources Database for
Teachers, Pamela Schwartzberg
• Ontario Power Generation & The Moose
Cree First Nation,
Lower Mattagami Hydro Project,
Mike Martelli, Chief Norm Hardisty Jr.
• Provision Coalition, Sustainability Tools &
Resources for Canadian Food and Beverage
Companies, Cher Mereweather
• Reid’s Heritage Homes, Building Net Zero
Homes in a Production Setting
Jennifer Weatherston
• Cadillac Fairview, TD Centre – Largest
office complex to achieve LEED®
Platinum, David Hoffman
• General Motors of Canada, Local
Community Stewardship,
Simon Guan
• GCT Canada, Drayage Emissions
Reduction Reservation Process,
Kwang Chen
• City of Hamilton, Hamilton Bike Share
Program, Peter Topalovic
• Kiko Water Systems & Four Seasons,
Vancouver, HVAC Boiler Loop
Efficiency Improvements,
Jeff Addison & Joel Russell, Priyan
Jayetileke & Reggie Anthonipillai
• City of Richmond, Alexandra District
Energy Utility, Alen Postolka
• Sun Life Assurance, “Alto” multiresidential
rental apartment
development, Lee Warren
• Sustainable Prosperity
Vision & Roadmap for a cleaner,
stronger economic future for Canada,
Stewart Elgie, Annette Verschuren,
Lorraine Mitchelmore
• Sustainable Waterloo Region
Regional Carbon Reduction Initiative
Tova Davidson
• City of Vancouver
Renewable City Strategy – A Plan for 100% Renewable Energy, Malcolm Shield