2013 - Primary Resources

Primary Resources

Bill Galloway

Senior Vice President, Holcim Canada

Bill leads Holcim Canada’s sustainable environmental performance and corporate social responsibility initiatives, working alongside government stakeholders and NGOs to promote sustainable development through collaboration between industry, government and community. Initiatives include increased use of recycled aggregate, a 10% reduction in CO2 from more environmentally friendly limestone, significant increased collaboration with local stakeholders, improvements in waste handling, introduction of water-permeable concrete products and engagement with a numerous environmental partners. In particular, Bill helped Holcim Canada collaborate with Environmental Defence to launch Socially and Environmentally Responsible Aggregates (SERA), an NPO formed to create a certification for responsibly sourced aggregate in Ontario.


Commitments for 2013: In September 2012 at the Clean50 Summit, most attendees made public commitments for things they would do to "further sustainability" over the next 12 months. Galloway's commitments were:

- I will sponsor on new sustainability initiative in my organization in the next months
- I will initiate a dialogue in my organization on the value of green procurement
- I will mentor 1-2 individuals on sustainable development
- I will communicate on sustainability strategy to employees

In Addition: Honourees identified good ideas they liked and would do their best to support. Galloway's "Likes" were:

- I am going to lead by example
- I will integrate sustainability content into employee engagement surveys
- I will communicate frequently and regularly to employers about our sustainability goals and metrics
- I will understand an question the sustainability platform of my candidates for public office
- I/we will advocate for establishment of municipal bylaws and politics that promote sustainable development/infrastructure
- Develop sustainability award program to recognize and reward action
- Educate/engage key decision-makers around the intrinsic value of the social and environmental legs of sustainable development
- Increase/enhance engagement of all stakeholders