Andrée-Lise Méthot

Founder and Senior Partner, Cycle Capital Management (CCM)

Andrée‑Lise is the founder and Senior Partner of CCM, a venture capital firm focused on clean technologies and projects. She manages two funds focused on cleantech ($122M). To date, $47M has been invested with $240M leveraged, creating 550 jobs. Co-founder and chairperson of Ecotech Québec (the Cleantech cluster in Quebec), she also co-chaired a U.N. Environmental Program Task Force.

Tom Rand

Lead Cleantech Advisor, MaRS Discovery District

After selling his software company in 2005 Tom used some of the proceeds to start his own cleantech seed fund and is now the Lead Cleantech Advisor at the MaRS Discovery District, where he has advised approximately 240 cleantech companies who have collectively raised about $150 million—likely 75 per cent of the cleantech total in Ontario. Author of Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit(8000 copies), creator of The Planet Traveler, arguably the greenest hotel in North America, and leader of the Green Bonds policy team, Tom has given dozens of talks internationally on the subject of climate science and the role of policy, innovation and finance in solving the climate crisis.

Thomas Rankin

Investment Manager – Cleantech, InnovaCorp

In 2009, Thomas set about creating the province's first clean technology investment fund with Innovacorp, Nova Scotia's technology commercialization agency and, based on his work with excellent colleagues, the $25 million Nova Scotia Cleantech Fund now exists in addition to prior investments in the cleantech space. In his role with Nova Scotia's Department of Environment, Thomas was instrumental in the design of the ecoNova Scotia Fund for Clean Air and Climate Change and he has participated as a delegate at international climate change events including COP15 in Copenhagen and COP16 in Cancun. This Fall, Thomas is leading the launch of Canada's first global clean technology start-up competition, the Nova Scotia Cleantech Open.