Charles Cartmill

Founder & CEO, LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. (LRL)

LRL has emerged as a global leader in energy efficient lighting. Their LED-based street and area lighting fixtures have been installed by more than 300 municipal, utility, and commercial clients in 24 countries—all within two short years. LRL products provide for20 years of greatly reduced maintenance, up to 80 per cent energy savings and are upgradeable, replaceable and recyclable. Some versions are powered by wind and / or solar, essentially completely self sufficient. Nova Scotia has mandated their use throughout the province, and other locations are expected to follow. In addition to leading LRL, Charles is active in a wide variety of regional, national and international industry associations that advocate environmental and economic sustainability. These include ESANS (Environmental Services Association of Nova Scotia), CME (member of Energy and Environment Committees), International Dark Sky Association, American Solar Energy Association, American Wind Energy Association, Canadian Wind Energy Association, and CANSI (Canadian Solar Industries Association).

Brent Perry

CEO, Corvus Energy

Corvus Energy has created a battery and power management system has the highest power density and the greatest power capacity, the lightest footprint and least visible battery pack available in the world today. The company has developed their 99 per cent recyclable and 100 per cent ground breaking product with no governmental support and is selling it worldwide for use in a wide variety of applications from solar farm storage to providing tugboats with sufficient power to drag freighters through the Panama Canal, and in locations ranging from the equator to the Arctic. The company itself has been built in a wholly scalable and sustainable fashion.