Antony Marcil

Former President and CEO, Forest Stewardship Council Canada (FSC)

Antony led a team charged with generating a significant uptake of FSC-certified paper and printed products by the Canadian corporate and government markets. The numbers of Canadian FSC-certified sawmills increased by 746 per cent and manufacturers by 400 per cent—and the numbers continue to grow today. FSC-certified forests in Canada, which are managed in a sustainable fashion, have grown from 4.7 million to over 40 million hectares.

Tye Burt

President & CEO, Kinross Gold Corporation

Under Tye's leadership, Kinross has created a world-class corporate responsibility program that leads its industry, and is grounded in global standards and best practices, and which delivers the flexibility needed to adapt to local cultures, geographies, and stakeholder priorities. Kinross has been named one of Canada's Top 50 Responsible Corporations by Maclean's magazine for the past four years, and one of Canada's Best 50 Corporate Citizens by Corporate Knights magazine for the past two years. In 2011, Kinross was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI).

Frank Dottori

Former CEO, Tembec Inc.; Managing Director, G‑2 Biochem

Frank was one of the first CEOs of a major forestry industry focused company to sign on up for sustainable forestry management—a position that made him somewhat less than popular with his peers at the time. Under Frank's watch, Tembec sacrificed some short term gains to make the right long term decisions, signing an accord with WWF to promote FSC certification of Canadian Forests. As a result of that leadership, today Tembec and Canada are world leaders in sustainable forest management with 30 million and 103 million FSC certified acres respectively. He currently serves as managing director of G-2 Biochem, a company developing technologies to convert cellulosic waste and biomass into biofuels and chemicals.

Gord Lambert

Vice President, Sustainability, Suncor Energy; Co‑chair, OSLI Management Committee

In the 15 years he has led Sustainability efforts for the company, Gord has been instrumental in pushing the company towards reducing energy intensity, minimizing water use and doubling the company's reclamation efforts by 2015. As a result Suncor was one of the first companies to initiate an emissions trade more than 10 years ago, was an early adopter of sustainability reporting and has won numerous awards for the quality of that reporting. Gord was also one of the driving forces, along with Bob Mitchell and Peter Dickey behind the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative, which is redefining environmental performance in the oil sands industry.

Bob Mitchell

Sr. Director, Innovating for Performance & Sustainability, ConocoPhillips; Co‑chair, OSLI Management Committee

For over 25 years, Bob has been a passionate innovator in the oil and gas sector, and has worked tirelessly to improve the industry's environmental performance and social responsibility. In particular, OSLI (Oil Sands Leadership Initiative)—the brainchild of Bob, Gord Lambert (Suncor) and the late Peter Dickey—is a collaborative effort among six of the largest future-focused oil sands developers in the country, all of whom are committed to dramatically enhancing their own corporate social responsibility practices. The improved efforts of these six leaders raise the average for the entire industry, and Bob has won the admiration of many of the opponents of oil sands development for his role in shaping those efforts.