Dr. Vicky Sharpe

CEO, Sustainable Development and Technology Canada (SDTC)

Vicky is the leading presence in the development of the Clean Tech industry in Canada. Vicky has increased SDTC's funding pool to over $1 billion and mobilized private sector capital resulting in more than $2.9 billion of investment in projects and commercialization activities. Her leadership has been vital to the development of more than 200 Clean Tech companies. She is also a founding member of the Steering Committee of the UNEP Sustainable Energy Finance Alliance.

Gerald Farthing

Deputy Minister, Education, Province of Manitoba

Gerald has been instrumental in embedding ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) across the K-12 curricula in Manitoba, and all that entails, from building partnerships with others, engaging local leaders and communities, to curriculum development and beyond. Manitoba is seen by ESD experts across the globe as a clear leader in this respect and many programs are now emulated elsewhere. Gerald also represents Canada on the UNECE steering committee on ESD and now chairs that committee. If your children know anything about sustainable development, there's a good chance Gerald and his team had a lot to do with that.

Dalton McGuinty

(Former) Premier, Province of Ontario

It's hard to overstate the impact of the Premier and his vision for a more sustainable Ontario. Despite endless fear-mongering by his opponents, the Premier demonstrated clear-thinking leadership as the Government passed the Green Energy Act and, in the first year alone, 22,000 individuals applied to contribute energy to the grid via the MicroFIT program. Ontario's first year efforts surpassed similar efforts in Europe and made it a leader in North America overnight. The Act has stimulated not only contracts to provide over 2,400 Mw of renewable power, but has also created tens of thousands of "green" jobs—expected to grow to 50,000 by the end of 2012. As well, under Dalton's leadership, the Government of Ontario has closed numerous coal generating plants and is committed to removing the balance of them, and created the Greenbelt, limiting development in an area surrounding Toronto.