Tom Heintzman

President, Bullfrog Power

Tom is the visionary behind Bullfrog Power, leading a team of nearly 50 employees to claim uncharted territory in the energy sector. Bullfrog Power has enabled more than 8000 homes and 1500 businesses to support renewable energy through a combination of landfill-derived natural gas, regional hydro and wind projects. His early career work with the Sierra Legal Defence Fund helped shape Canadian expectations for corporate environmental performance.

Vincent Chornet

Co-founder, President and CEO, Enerkem

Enerkem has created a unique technology and process that can turn the non-recyclable portion of municipal solid waste into ethanol—and so offers communities a combined opportunity to both meet the demand for cleaner energy and a sustainable solution to traditional waste management. Since 2000, Vincent has guided Enerkem to use its proprietary thermochemical technology to convert waste—such as unrecyclable household garbage, demolition debris and used utility poles—into chemical-grade syngas, which is used to create renewable intermediate chemicals that form everyday products. Enerkem's full-scale commercial plants are expected to have the capacity to each convert 100,000 dry tonnes of waste into 36 million litres of ethanol and renewable chemicals per year. The company has locations in Quebec and planned locations in Alberta and in the U.S.

Kent Brown, BluEarth Renewables, President & Co-Founder, BluEarth Renewables
J. Ross Keating, BluEarth Renewables, Executive Advisor & Director, BluEarth Renewables
John Keating, BluEarth Renewables, Executive Advisor & Director, BluEarth Renewables

BluEarth Renewables Team

Founded by the Keatings in 1989, the team of Ross, John and Kent successfully pioneered the creation of Canada's largest renewable energy company, Canadian Hydro Developers, a company worth over $1.6 billion when it was taken over through a hotly contested battle in 2009. The legacy they built will continue to benefit the environment and society for generations to come. In 2010, the Keatings and Brown continued their journey by starting up BluEarth Renewables, a private Canadian company that develops and operates renewable energy projects across North America. BluEarth has already made a significant impression on the renewables markets when it partnered on a $640 million acquisition of hydro-electric plants in Ontario. With over 55 years of combined renewables experience, the Keatings and Brown are entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers in an industry that makes a meaningful and positive impact on the sustainability of the country.

David Stevenson, Colchester-Cumberland Wind Farm (CCWF) Team, President, Colchester-Cumberland Wind Farm (CCWF)
David Swan, Colchester-Cumberland Wind Farm (CCWF) Team, Spiddle Hill Project Manager, Colchester-Cumberland Wind Farm (CCWF)

Colchester-Cumberland Wind Farm (CCWF) Team

The CCWF is the first 100 per cent community-owned wind field in Canada. David and David led the way, raising 1.2 million from 200 local residents, another 1.3 million in debt, and built the turbine, recently submitting their first invoice to Nova Scotia Power. Their program has become the model for others in Nova Scotia's COMFIT program (COMmunity Feed-In-Tariff) and both teach others how to emulate their program. Swan oversaw and managed all technical issues; Stevenson oversaw organizational and financial aspects of the company. Together they encouraged the community to align its values with the renewable energy investment opportunity. This inspired the community to recognize that the project was possible and profitable. Almost 200 people across all walks of life responded by investing, including their RRSPs. All of the electricity produced by CCWF is used in the community. Swan, a PhD in engineering, has been engaged in research on electrical cars since the late '80s, and Stevenson, with a Doctorate in Education has led community groups in a variety of ventures, the most recent in building a new local library.