Devon Page

Executive Director, Ecojustice

As executive director since 2009, Devon has led the Ecojustice team in setting important legal precedents for environmental protection and conservation — most notably through its litigation campaign to protect Canada’s endangered species, ranging from the minnow-sized Nooksack dace to British Columbia’s iconic killer whale. These efforts have also strengthened the interpretation of key environmental laws and influenced Canadian policy-makers.

Richard Brooks

Forest Campaign Coordinator, Greenpeace

Richard leads a team of corporate engagement specialists at Greenpeace tasked with “greening” the supply chain of major forest-product customers. Richard’s efforts have helped produce fundamental changes in how and where corporations such as RONA, Nestle, and Office Depot buy their pulp, paper and lumber, which has in turn led to a significant increase in the amount of Forest Stewardship Council FSC-Certified forestland in Canada, and supported the protection of an increased amount of forestland.Greenpeace's and Richard's counsel was instrumental, among that of others, in the journey that led Kimberly-Clark, one of the world’s largest users of pulp, to transform their global pulp supply chain. Of their 3.5 million tonnes of pulp, 73% now comes from recycled or FSC-certified sources, and the company will reduce its use of pulp from forests by 50% within a decade

Hank Venema

Vice-President, Science and Innovation, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Under Hank's leadership, the IISD Water Innovation Centre has developed a visionary innovation strategy-the Lake Winnipeg Bioeconomy Project-to transform a difficult large-lake management problem into a multi-billion dollar regional clean tech opportunity based on nutrient cycling and biomaterial production. Hank's advocacy led to strong government support and business investment in the project, support for which continues to grow with the selection of IISD’s proof-of-concept-the Netley-Libau Nutrient Bioenergy Project-as one of the world's 100 best sustainable development projects during the recent Sustainia 100 Awards in Rio de Janeiro.

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