Céline Bak

Founder & CEO, Analytica Advisors

Céline’s firm launched the first national independent research on the Canadian clean technology industry and global markets, building bridges between investors,entrepreneurs and elected and government officials to create a $60 billion clean technology industry by 2020. Celine also co-founded the Canadian Clean Technology Coalition and is the Global Sector Practice Leader for Clean Technology at DFAIT.

Rui Resendes

Executive Director, GreenCentre Canada

In 2009, Rui led the creation of GreenCentre, an exciting new commercialization model that is the first of its kind in North America. Through “hands-on” technical and commercialization activities, working with universities from across Canada, GreenCentre harnesses the power of early-stage green chemistry technologies and positions them to make positive environmental and economic impacts. In the past two years, GreenCentre has invested just over $5.6 million into a total of 76 technologies and new ventures from throughout the nation--and leveraged $22 million more. Most importantly, GreenCentre has injected the know-how to help fledging discoveries become transformational. In a recent example, GreenCentre partner Switchable Solutions has demonstrated the ability to extract oil from tar sands without a single drop added to tailings ponds – the first of what one hopes are many exciting innovations to come.

Don Roberts

Vice-Chair, CIBC Wholesale Banking

Don left a comfortable existence at CIBC to champion and then build a new business. Today, he is the only vice chair at a major Canadian financial institution whose primary mandate is to develop a renewable energy and clean tech practice. In 2011, CIBC led or co-led over $700 million in public and private equity financings within this practice area; participated in over $2.2 billion of project debt facilities and advised on the purchase/sale of over $8.5 billion in assets. CIBC’s most meaningful support for sustainable development is arguably its leadership in providing this form of finance. Last year it ranked first in Canada and fifth in North America for providing debt finance for renewable energy and cleaner technology projects.