Jack Elliott

President, Pure Technologies

Much of North America’s water-related pipeline assets are approaching the end of their useful lives, creating a massive gap between infrastructure expenditure needs and available funds. Jack and the Pure Technologies team have bridged this gap, extending the life of critical pipelines and providing cost effective, sustainable solutions for utilities, including innovative acoustic leak - and gas - detection technology

Eric Murray

CEO, Tantalus

There are many ways to make our use of electricity more sustainable: increase renewable generation, intelligently manage demand instead of firing up additional generators, or alternatively simply reduce our use and demand where possible. Each of these solutions require a much smarter grid and Tantalus, led by Eric, provides the hardware and software solutions to enable one.  Deployment of TUNet (Tantalus Utility Network) smart metering/grid solutions  has proven effective in motivating consumers to cut back energy use by 10% and electrical heating use by 18% while simultaneously allowing utilities to manage resources more effectively in real time and driving down operational costs.  Through Eric’s work in helping grow the organization, form industry partnerships and build strategic relationships with utilities across North America, he has continued to demonstrate the value of the CleanTech sector in ensuring sustainability in Canada’s future.

Robert Niven

CEO, CarbonCure Technologies

As principal inventor, founder and CEO of CarbonCure Technologies, Robert has developed an innovative way for concrete block producers to raise profits, lower greenhouse gases and improve material performance. The technology uses concrete's main environmental liability, CO2, as a solution for its carbon problem. Waste CO2 is repurposed as an industrial feedstock for concrete production, which not only greatly lowers its carbon intensity but improves material quality and manufacturing costs. Early results are impressive: manufacturing profits up 20 to 50%, product defect waste cut by 20% and cement consumption down 10%. The company is working on ways to adapt the technology to a broader range of concrete products.

Peter Tsantrizos

CEO, Terragon Environmental Technologies

Peter developed the concept of "Zero-Waste Discharge Habitat through Integrated Resource Recovery," in which all materials that are normally considered waste are transformed into resources--like energy, water and bio-char--at the site where the waste is generated.To enable the concept, he invented and developed MAGS, a gasification-based appliance that transforms any organic waste--including plastics, oily sludge, paper, food and cloth, alongside others--into bio-char, water and thermal energy. Integrating MAGS with WETT (wastewater treatment to reusable water) produced a fully integrated resource recovery approach for any habitat--of particular value immediately to small communities and through export.