Carl Blanchet

Director of Business Development, Cascades

Carl developed a business line that offers Cascades’ expertise and energy services to companies that procure its manufactured products. These partnerships, with corporations such as Bombardier and Rio Tinto Alcan, improve client performance while reducing their energy and water consumption and landfill waste. Carl also co-created Cascades’ online store of eco-responsible products to showcase the company’s sustainable innovation to the public.

Sandy Marshall

President and Managing Director, LANXESS Inc.

Sandy has a strong vision of sustainability. LANXESS both invests in and works with companies that can help drive sustainability in Canada. Through Sandy's frontline position on the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance Board, he helped all levels of government and the agricultural and forestry sectors to link traditional chemistry with the emerging bio-based chemistry sector. Sandy established the Bio-Industrial Park in Sarnia and strongly promoted the creation of a bio-hybrid chemistry cluster there to attract companies from the sector, then worked within LANXESS and among various levels of government to gain the necessary support for that plan. This has already led BioAmber to make their first North American investment in the Park: an $80 million bio-based succinic acid plant that uses renewable raw materials in place of fossil fuels.

Cam Heaps, Co-Founder, Steam Whistle Brewery
Greg Taylor, Co-Founder

Steam Whistle Brewing Co. Founders

Since establishing Steam Whistle Brewing in 1999, Greg and Cam have given priority to the environment across their operations. Whether in buying capital equipment, developing policies, choosing employees and suppliers, investing in natural ingredients, insisting on sustainable packaging or finding alternative energy sources for production, their commitment to innovation has earned Steam Whistle their reputation as Canada’s greenest brewery. With significant capital investments, Steam Whistle has continued to reduce waste (a 94.2% diversion rate in 2011), conserve water (4,500,000 litres a year) and energy (through the use of biofuel, green electricity and deep lake cooling) and delivers a clear message of stewardship to a dedicated team. The result is an engaged workforce that now expects and drives both social and environmental responsibility at Steam Whistle Brewing – as well as brewing great beer!