Judy Fairburn

Executive Vice-President, Environment & Strategic Planning, Cenovus Energy, Inc.

Judy’s strategic approach at Cenovus - integrating environment considerations fully within the business model—is advancing the way the oil sands industry addresses sustainability. She leads development of Cenovus’s strategic plan, which includes progressive strategies focused on environmental performance. Judy also helps catalyze industry-wide environmental innovation as chair of the Shareholder Steering Committee of Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)

Bill Galloway

Senior Vice President, Holcim Canada

Bill leads Holcim Canada’s sustainable environmental performance and corporate social responsibility initiatives, working alongside government stakeholders and NGOs to promote sustainable development through collaboration between industry, government and community. Initiatives include increased use of recycled aggregate, a 10% reduction in CO2 from more environmentally friendly limestone, significant increased collaboration with local stakeholders, improvements in waste handling, introduction of water-permeable concrete products and engagement with a numerous environmental partners. In particular, Bill helped Holcim Canada collaborate with Environmental Defence to launch Socially and Environmentally Responsible Aggregates (SERA), an NPO formed to create a certification for responsibly sourced aggregate in Ontario.

William Redelmeier

Owner, Southbrook Vineyards

Agriculture can be incredibly “green”- or the opposite. At Southbrook, Bill and his wife, Marilyn, made the commitment to “green” in 1982 and have not wavered since. They are the first and largest organic wine producer in Ontario, the first to attain LEED Gold certification for their facility and heavy investors, in addition to their agricultural investments, in lightweight bottles, bottles made from re-melted glass, recyclable aluminum closures, reusable cardboard boxes and other forms of waste reduction.Proving that “there is no waste”, Bill gathers all the pomace (remnants of grape skins and seeds) from his own and the other three organic producers in Ontario, and now repurposes 10 tonnes a year into BioFlavia, an antioxidant-rich powder that can be added to food and drinks and is now being exported. Southbrook has received an “Elsie” award from Ontario’s Liquor Control Board for its environmental performance.

Anthony Watanabe

CEO, Innovolve

Canada has the world’s largest supply of freshwater-which doesn’t excuse but does perhaps explain our poor track record of stewardship. Out to change all that, Anthony has brought together diverse corporate interests, including Molson-Coors, IBM, RBC, BASF and others, has led conferences and has served as an expert to water organizations, the media and government panels such as the Council of the Federation - all in support of building a Blue Brand for Canada. This involves engaging our clean tech industry, our municipal leaders and our industry innovators in promoting Canada as a country with equal parts freshwater and fresh ideas for protecting it.