Tyler Elm, VP Corporate Strategy & Business Sustainability
Diane Kilcoyne, AVP, Corporate Strategy And Business Sustainability
Joanne McMillin, AVP, Corporate Strategy and Business Sustainability
Carolyn Sedgwick, AVP, Corporate Strategy and Business Sustainability

Canadian Tire Sustainability Team

Tyler Elm leads sustainability at Canadian Tire as an innovation strategy that generates competitive advantage and bottom-line results and is integrated into financial reporting. In 2011, he and his team collaborated with the business to deliver 438 projects, avoiding $4,208,376 in costs, 6,931 tonnes of emissions and 2,450 tonnes of waste. The company’s financial disclosures now include four consecutive quarters of sustainability results.

Helmi Ansari

Director, Sustainability, PepsiCo Foods Canada

Helmi has led the effort to engage PepsiCo Canada's organization to embrace sustainability as a key initiative, enabling over 300 people across the business to be owners and champions for environmental sustainability in their own daily jobs and work locations throughout Canada. Because these values now permeate PepsiCo Canada’s workforce of 2,500, the company is able to divert more than 99% of waste through its "Journey to Zero Landfill," which encompasses all its 17 distribution centers and 8 plants. PepsiCo Canada has developed technically challenging engineering projects that aim to take the carbon footprint of core food-cooking processes to "Net Zero," an effort never before undertaken in Canada. The entire delivery fleet has shifted to electric vehicles; heat recovery is standard in every manufacturing facility; and water use has been reduced by over 40%. PepsiCo Canada’s new mantra, as introduced by Helmi, is "Leave no trace."

Debbie Baxter

Chief Sustainability Officer, LoyaltyOne

In three years as CSO, Debbie has successfully integrated sustainability into LoyaltyOne’s core business priorities, spearheading a shift in corporate culture, enabling associates to live sustainable lives both at work and at home, and establishing LoyaltyOne as an environmental leader.  She launched one of Canada’s largest solar rooftop panel installations, achieved a 45% carbon reduction from 2010 to 2011, and helped LoyaltyOne win multiple awards, including Canada’s 50 Best Employers and Greenest Employers. Under Debbie’s leadership, the company has subsidized transit passes, a sustainable fleet of cars, and AutoShare and BIXI memberships to encourage employees to reduce their environmental footprint. Moving forward, Debbie’s next big sustainability challenge is to expand LoyaltyOne’s “green” education to international offices and facilitate volunteer opportunities with environmental organizations.

John Coyne

Vice President, Corporate Secretary and General Counsel, Unilever Canada, Inc.

Every multinational organization committed to sustainable growth needs a local champion: an outspoken and passionate individual prepared to drive the local agenda and identify the greatest opportunities for impact. John is that champion at Unilever. From the global plan, he has identified the uniquely Canadian opportunities for activation and has inspired creativity and direction in achieving those goals. In 2011, John championed the largest commercial green energy purchase in Canada, and eliminated the CO2 footprint associated with electricity usage across all of Unilever’s Canadian operations. Unilever Canada is now Bullfrog-powered with 100% renewable electricity and is the largest commercial purchaser of renewable electricity in Canada.