Lloyd Bryant, VP & Managing Director, Printing & Personal Systems and Environmental Programs
Frances Edmonds, Director of Environmental Programs

Hewlett Packard Canada Team

Lloyd Bryant and Frances Edmonds are a one-two punch: Driving extensive sustainability efforts internally at HP, while also providing external leadership through Lloyd’s role as chair of both EPSC and EPRA and Frances’ partnering with WWF to create a unique program that helps Canadian businesses of all sizes “green” their organizations including developing a first formal sustainability plan. Both Frances and Lloyd have also participated extensively in working with their co-honourees in the Clean50, seeking ways to cooperate, collaborate and push for change.

Marcus Goodick

Senior Manager, Environment & Sustainability, Bell Aliant Regional Communications

Since 2007, Marcus has been instrumental in strengthening the environmental aspects of Bell Aliant’s corporate responsibility efforts. Under his leadership, the company’s environment and sustainability program has evolved from focusing primarily on risk management to a broader holistic approach that views environmental responsibility as good for business. Marcus has built a VP-level environment council with companywide representation. This group makes key decisions on environmental initiatives, notably establishing a goal to cut Bell Aliant’s carbon emissions to 50% of 2007 levels by 2020.

Joan Prowse

Documentary Filmmaker, CineFocus Canada

Driving sustainability forward requires that we reach a tipping point where old practices are simply no longer acceptable. And in an increasingly “ADD” world, telling inspirational stories in sound-bite fashion helps make that happen. Inspired by the film An Inconvenient Truth, Joan initiated a cross-platform television and web series, GreenHeroes, which features people who have overcome real challenges and highlights the personal epiphany or “aha!”moment that sparked subsequent actions. Twenty-four three-minute webisodes and six half-hour TV episodes (aired on TVO and at GreenHeroes.tv) are the result. Another six TV shows and 21 webisodes are in production for January 2013 release. It’s a unique presentation, allowing viewers to interact with what they’re watching and capable of inspiring ”aha” moments for those who have not yet consumed the Kool-Aid.