John van Leeuwen

CEO, EcoSynthetix Inc.

John van Leeuwen, co-founder and CEO of EcoSynthetix, and his team have developed environmentally sustainable products that can be used to replace fossil fuels in the manufacturing process for a range of industrial and consumer applications, including the paper, paperboard, building products, adhesives and personal care markets. EcoSynthetix’s products are based on green chemistry, making them environmentally sustainable. John has been the driving force behind EcoSynthetix, providing the initial capital to develop the company’s intellectual property, while also establishing a long-term plan for the organization. EcoSynthetix was the largest cleantech IPO in Canadian history when it went public in 2011.

David Helliwell

CEO and Co-Founder, Pulse Energy Inc.

Providing energy intelligence to the world's leading utilities and their commercial customers, David Helliwell leads a company of 55 employees with deployments across North America and Europe. The Pulse™ platform helps utilities work with businesses and organizations to analyze their energy consumption and recommend targeted improvements – increasing customer engagement and energy productivity.

Jason Tratch

CEO, EcoLibra Systems Inc.

Jason Tratch has a passion for water. His focus, as CEO of Saskatchewan-based EcoLibra Systems Inc., is to educate others about the myth that Canada has lots of accessible fresh water. His companies focus on water treatment, R&D, data analytics, management system software and sustainable real estate. His most recent project was to achieve a patent for a technology that converts raw human sewage into clean, odour-free, reusable water and fertilizer. He also led the University of Saskatchewan and several private companies to fund, resource and create the first Saskatchewan-based wastewater network.