Don Gordon

President & CEO, Atlas Block Co. Ltd.

Atlas Block Co. Ltd. is a champion of sustainable concrete product manufacturing. CEO Don Gordon pioneered the first use of post-industrial waste CO2 and post-consumer glass. His plants divert 1.5 million glass bottles from landfills each year and 200,000 kg of CO2 from the air. As chair of two leading industry organizations, Don has advocated for changes to green the industry practices like low-carbon foundations and environmental reporting. Atlas is the first producer to comply with EPD green building declarations. The company’s flagship Midland facility was the first worldwide to permanently retrofit to consume waste CO2 as concrete feedstock, using the CarbonCure system.

Derek Stewart

Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Coast Mountain Bus Company

As Manager, Environmental Sustainability at Coast Mountain Bus Company, Derek Stewart championed an anti-idling campaign for Vancouver’s transit bus fleet. In 2012 alone, the campaign helped to cut idling by 36%, reducing GHG emissions by 1,700 tonnes and saving more than 600,000 litres of diesel fuel. Other environmental programs in 2012 have resulted in electrical savings of 1 GWh, natural gas savings of 5000 GJ, and a waste diversion ratio of more than 72%. Derek’s role includes generating and recognizing good ideas, taking personal initiative to get them off the ground, and gaining support among various stakeholders.