Jeremy Lee

President, Sustainable Fish Farming (Canada) Ltd

Imagine farming fish on land, with almost no wasted water. It’s the improbable made possible by Jeremy Lee, president of Sustainable Fish Farming (Canada) Ltd. Jeremy has designed and developed a series of water treatment processes that enable the complete reuse of water within a land based fish farm. This successful commercial recirculation of 100% of the water within a fish farm is unique within Canada and rare elsewhere. It enables farming with zero discharge to open water and freedom in the farm's operating temperature, which increases the kinds of fish that can be grown. Together these capabilities significantly reduce the environmental impact of the farm’s operation, both locally and globally.

Paul Blanchard

Founder, President and CEO, ARTEX Environmental Corporation

As the founder and CEO of ARTEX Environmental Corp., Paul Blanchard was one of the early pioneers in the electronic waste recycling industry. Under Paul’s leadership, ARTEX has grown to more than 135 people operating in a 70,000 sq ft recycling facility. ARTEX has recycled over 45 million pounds of toxic e-waste, over 30 million pounds of which was recycled since January 2011. In 2011, ARTEX was recognized as the #1 ranked primary processor under the Ontario Electronic Stewardship program.  ARTEX has overcome enormous hurdles to achieve these results. The company is a committed recycler in a challenging business.