Paul Sellew

CEO, Harvest Power Canada

Paul Sellew is helping to change the way we use organic materials. His company, Harvest Power, transforms millions of tonnes per year of organic waste into clean energy, compost and natural fertilizers. The company's Energy Garden in Richmond, BC has the capacity to process more than 40,000 tonnes of food scraps and yard trimmings from Metro Vancouver landfills each year to produce renewable biogas-to-electricity for BC Hydro. Through awards, presentations, and stakeholder engagement, Paul also helps to raise the profile of Canada’s burgeoning cleantech economy and highlights the potential of anaerobic digestion technology and soil revitalization.

Chris Campbell

Executive Director, Marine Renewables Canada

It takes 3 things to make usable power from oceans: tides, waves or currents , technology - and an industry. Dr. Chris Campbell has been the spark behind the latter. Under his leadership as Executive Director of Marine Renewables Canada, Chris has created a national sector association with 100 members from provincial governments, utilities, project and technology developers and research groups, to pursue Canada's low-carbon economic and energy opportunities to be grown out of our wave and tidal and river current resources. This group has succeeded in mobilizing energy and energy technology policy and investment of more than $100 million to make Canada one of the world leaders in this new industry.

Sherra Zulerons

Vice President, Development & Operations, Canada, Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd.

Sherra Zulerons is a seasoned renewable energy development professional and one of the pioneers of the Canadian wind industry. As Vice President, Development & Operations, Canada, at Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd., Sherra has built teams that have developed thousands of MWs, creating hundreds of jobs and securing supplies of clean energy for more than 250,000 homes for the next 30-plus years. Her main achievements include completing the ground breaking retail sale of a wind farm to a non-traditional corporate entity, and creating renewable energy community co-ops as a method of providing investment vehicles for local citizens to participate in renewable energy projects.