Dr. Vicky Sharpe

Strategic Advisor to the Board, Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Founding President & CEO of SDTC, Vicky has built and led one of the largest cleantech funds globally, now managing  $2.2B invested in 250 companies. The model SDTC pioneered has led to the success of numerous globally competitive Canadian cleantech start ups - and leveraged further investment of  $2.6B of private capital, ensuring SDTC delivered on its core mandate:  environmental and economic benefits to Canadians impacting climate change,  clean air, land and water. Cost / benefit models show SDTC provides 9 times more benefit than cost, a significant contribution towards sustainability in Canada. Learn more about Vicky... ca.linkedin.com/pub/vicky-sharpe/51/840/3b5

Susan McArthur

Managing Partner, Greensoil Investments

The real estate industry is the largest single user of natural resources.  Greensoil's  Building Innovation Fund is a growth equity fund investing in companies providing products, services or technologies that make real estate assets more efficient. It will leverage its network of building owners and developers for the benefit of its portfolio companies.  Prior to Greensoil, Susan advised on a wide range of renewable energy transactions at Jacobs Securities including the financing of offshore wind in the North Sea and North America's only lithium mine. Learn more about Susan at... www.greensoil-investments.com

Tony Van Bommel

Senior Managing Partner, BDC Capital

Tony shapes BDC investment direction and has championed the Cleantech sector for 13 years. He oversees the $152M BDC Industrial, Clean and Energy Technology Venture Fund (ICE), the largest Canadian VC fund dedicated to Canadian cleantech, currently with 12 investments and over $70M invested. Since 2012, ICE has invested or reserved over $55 M in 14 transactions in 12 technology companies that employ over 700 employees and generate approximately $100M in revenues, including CoolEdge, CarbonCure, Solantro, Nexterra, Axine, Switch, General Fusion, Ranovus, Vizimax and Regen. Learn more about Tony... http://www.bdc.ca/EN/bdc-capital/Pages/default.aspx