Dr. Karen Farbridge

Mayor, City of Guelph

Serving on Guelph City Council since 1994 and as Mayor for 11 of the last 14 years, U Guelph grad Karen has led the City in achieving numerous "green" milestones that will benefit Guelph for generations to come: 68% of waste is now diverted from landfill (the most in Ontario), nearly a quarter of the city’s land is protected from development, bike lanes doubled, per capita energy use and greenhouse gases have decreased - while the population has increased 10%. Guelph has begun building North America’s first district energy network and aims to meet half of its heating needs through local generation in 30 years. By integrating energy with economic development and growth planning, Karen is building a city that is not only more sustainable, it is undergoing an economic revival, attracting energy-sector jobs and investment from around the world.  Throughout, Karen is an engaging collaborative force who is changing the way we think about what cities can do. Learn more about Karen...  ca.linkedin.com/in/karenfarbridge

Stephen Mandel

Mayor, City of Edmonton

Dispelling the notion it's impossible to be green in Alberta,  long time (recently retired) mayor, Stephen led his community, in partnership with (2013 Clean50) Enerkem, as it embraced the most comprehensive waste management system in Canada, built 2 LRT lines while refurbishing the fleet, and created "Fresh" - a leading edge urban agriculture policy. Other initiatives included the redevelopment of a sprawling 300 acre airport complex into a sustainable community that will house 30,000 residents.  Edmonton's waste management expertise has led to the creation of a consulting arm that has exported that knowledge to cities in China and Europe.