Cam Carver

Chief Executive Officer, Temporal Power

A way to capture and store energy with millisecond response time, capturing wind gusts or a passing cloud,  is the holy grail needed to enable greater adoption of wind and solar energy. Cam leads Temporal Power, a fast growing company that is delivering just that, and is now engaged in deploying their world leading flywheel technology projects around the world.  Temporal Power wholly owns its IP and all manufacturing is done in Mississauga, with the first Canadian deployment online in Ontario.  Cam also founded Energy Storage Ontario, the first energy storage only association in Canada.

James Dean

CEO and Founder, dPoint Technologies

James took membrane technology that he the dPoint team developed for hydrogen fuel cells and applied it to energy recovery in buildings, recapturing over 50% of the energy lost from ventilation.   Shipping 35,000 Energy Recovery Ventilator Cores over the past 4 years (75% to Canada) and now going into over 10,000 high-rise suites per year in Toronto, including the Pan-Am Games Athletes Village, the dPoint ERV Core recaptures 75% of the heat and 45% of the humidity otherwise lost, reducing GhGs and improving aiir quality by importing fresh air whilst preserving energy.  The product allows developers to reduce the energy consumption of their building by 9-16%.

Marvin R. DeVries

President, Trojan Technologies

Trojan enables customers to meet their water quality objectives by providing water treatment solutions that reduce energy and space requirements. Trojan’s solutions deliver environmental stewardship for people, industries and municipalities, improving the lives of over one billion people globally. Beyond that, the company's own environmental performance is also very strong, reducing waste by 33% over the past 2 years, and then diverting 68% of the remainder from landfill. The entire 750 person Trojan team is committed to environmental leadership internally and externally. While under Marvin's leadership, the company has grown at compounded annual growth rate of over 10%. Learn more about Marvin...

Dr. Rocky Simmons

President and CEO, Eco-Tec

Rocky plays a significant role in the ongoing evolution of Eco-Tec's world leading ion exchange technology, creating a solution roughly ten times more efficient than alternatives. The technology has been applied to the recovery of metals from waste streams, desalination, production of high purity water for nuclear boilers, recovery of acids used in the surface treatment of metals, purification of amine chemicals used in acid gas removal, CO2 capture, and removal of salt from kraft pulping liquor, all enabling cleaner manufacturing processes.  Eco-Tec employs over 100 people, has over 2000 systems in use world wide, and recently expanded their own manufacturing capacity 50% to keep up with demand.