Dr. John Grace

Professor, Canada Research Chair in Clean Energy Processes, University of British Columbia

A force of nature and a quadruple threat, Dr. Grace was instrumental in establishing the Biomass Research and Demonstration Facility at UBC to convert waste forest biomass into steam and electrical power for the campus; He wrote and pursued the proposal that led to UBC's novel Master of Engineering program in Clean Energy; and his research has advanced carbon capture, biomass processing and improved techniques for generating and recovering hydrogen that are potentially carbon negative.  Beyond that, he has been a leader in mentoring and lecturing on sustainability, and his students rate him highly as hard working, and someone who makes them think!

Dr. Judith Lipp

Executive Director, TREC Renewable Energy Co-op

Judith is a recognized national leader in community power development as well as renewable energy education and policy. Joining TREC in 2008, she has been instrumental in the formation of TREC Education, a charitable foundation and leader in renewable energy education; SolarShare Co-op, Canada's largest renewable energy co-op with over 1.5 MW in generating capacity; and the Federation of Community Power Co-ops, the first such association of its kind in Canada. While all of these efforts provide educational resources, TREC Education has become a trusted leader in renewable energy education, reaching more than 10,000 people with experiential learning opportunities each year.

Bruce Lourie, President, Ivey Foundation
Rick Smith, Executive Director, Broadbent Institute

Bruce Lourie & Rick Smith

Rick and Bruce are the co-authors of the best-selling books Toxin, Toxout: Getting Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Bodies and Our World, and Slow Death by Rubber Duck.  Between them they are helping to redefine the pollution debate in Canada.

Dr. Damon Matthews

Associate Professor and Concordia University Research Chair, Concordia University

Since January 2012, Damon, the founder and lead researcher of the Climate Lab at Concordia University, has published 22 scientific articles and 5 Op-Eds related to the science of global warming and its relevance to climate policy.  His most widely read recent research presented a new calculation of how much climate warming each country in the world has caused as a result of their greenhouse gas emissions, concluding that over 60% of historical global warming can be attributed to just 7 countries (BRIC nations plus, US, Germany, and UK), and also shows the range of per capita contributions to global warming - where Canada ranked a shameful 3rd amongst the 20 largest global emitters.