Meaghan Beck

Portfolio Project Manager, Sodexo Canada

While leading the sustainability and innovation deliverables for Sodexo’s $50M healthcare food service contract in B.C., Meaghan found that food waste reduction is a journey with patient and resident satisfaction at the heart of it. Meaghan developed food waste metrics, reporting and reduction initiatives in Healthcare Food Service operations at 33 acute care hospitals, residential care sites, and retail operations which served over 14,000 meals per day! These projects reduced post-consumer food waste from 40% to 14% which equates to approximately 7.44 elephants of food waste per month. She also successfully eliminated 100% of all Styrofoam despite the 300% increase in cost for its recyclable counterpart and implemented thorough recycling programs diverting 70% from landfill including 90% diverted organics. Meaghan continues to work towards lowering food waste to 10%. Learn more about Meaghan...

Keleigh Annau

Founder and Executive Director, Lights Out Canada

Keleigh founded "Lights Out Canada" as a high school student on Vancouver Island, with the goal of raising awareness about the climate crisis, and empowering her peers to take action. On Earth Day, schools turn out their lights and follow climate change curriculum that "Lights Out Canada" provides. Next April will mark the 10th annual "Lights Out" event and the point at which a million students will have participated across Canada since 2005, including nearly 400,000 in the past 2 years.  Now 25, recent grad Keleigh has built Lights Out into a charitable organization, complete with a Board and funding.

Julie Cournoyer

Corporate Sustainability Manager, Gildan

Now in her 5th year in the role, Julie has played an important part in the establishment and execution of the Company’s sustainability strategy, overseeing implementation of world-class CSR programs, launching the company's first Life Cycle Assessment, and establishing 5-year environmental improvement goals for 2015, 2 of which have already been reached, with waste sent to landfill down 25% (overall recycled rate 91%) and GHG emissions intensity down 32%.  Gildan has switched its Dominican Republic and Honduras production from fossil fuel powered steam to biomass powered steam and overall, 52% of all current energy used by the company comes from renewable sources. Gildan was recently named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. Learn more about Julie

Audrey Depault

National manager, The Climate Reality Project Canada

Recruiting, training  and inspiring a team of 280 volunteers to give their time to deliver 500 free Climate Change presentations  to over 50,000 students annually is daunting task enough, but last year, recognizing the untapped potential for greater impact,  Audrey led CRP Canada to develop new outreach that successfully targeted over 100 small medium enterprises (SMEs) across Quebec in the first 6 months of the project, helping participants become aware of the dangers of GhG,  and also the opportunities for enhanced profitability.  Audrey personally led some of those sessions and has delivered a total of 70 conferences to various audiences over the past four years.

Rosalynn Dodd

President & Owner, Creating Eudaimonia

Determined to make the business case for sustainable small enterprise, Rosalynn transformed Leela Eco Spa & Studio into the first B Corp spa and yoga studio in the world, along the way, tripling staff, raising wages, diverting 95% of waste, becoming 100% Bullfrog powered, and pioneering a voluntary carbon offsets program through which her company planted 75 fruit-bearing trees in low-income neighbourhoods in the first year alone.  She has done all of this while consulting to The City of Calgary’s Office of Sustainability, and is a leader in  REAP - a group of Calgary's most sustainable enterprises, helping other small business owners measure and offset their carbon emissions. Learn more about Rosalynn...

Alexis Esseltine Scoon

Sustainability Manager, Keilhauer

In less than 3 years, Alexis built Keilhauer’s sustainability program. She uniquely partnered with competitors to divert 10 tons of textile annually, and spearheaded an extensive waste program that reduced waste by 27% in two years and led the company to achieve 0 waste to landfill through a waste-to-energy partnership. She increased renewable electricity use to 100%, and identified over 500,000 kW/h in annual energy savings.  By instituting a Design for Environment (DfE) methodology that identifies 85% of lifecycle impacts in the design phase and enables mitigation prior to manufacture, Alexis drove the introduction of FSC certified wood in manufacturing. These efforts led Keilhauer to a Canada’s Greenest Employer award in 2013. Learn more about Alexis...

Tom Ewart

Manager, Sustainability & Citizenship, The Co-operators Group

Tom has emerged as a powerful triple threat: Thought leader, master collaborator, educator. A former highly rated university prof, he became the founding Managing Director of the Network for Business Sustainability, where he helped forge a network of over 1,500 businesspeople and academics who together produced leading content that inspired change world-wide. More recently he has played a pivotal role in leading  IMPACT!, a remarkable program he co-conceived (see Clean50 Top15 Projects) that trains and enables passionate youth leaders from across Canada to become confident sustainability champions.  The difference Tom makes will be felt for decades to come - and a possible new category for the next Clean50 of "Thought Leader" - for examplary contributions in multiple categories.

Mike Morrice

Executive Director, Sustainability CoLab

Some would have us believe our sustainability challenges are too big to address at the community-level. Then along comes a story like Mike’s to remind us that incremental changes do change the status quo. Six years ago  he founded Sustainable Waterloo Region to engage businesses in sustainability. Today, SWR is financially self-sufficient and reporting back on 56,000 tonnes  of GHGs committed to be reduced by organizations employing 14% of Waterloo Region’s workforce ,and  has inspired global interest In response, Mike has since co-founded Sustainability CoLab to share the model; currently supporting 5 similar programs across the province with plans to scale impact to 8 communities by 2017.

Rachel Parent

Founder, Kids Right to Know

Our youngest Emerging Leader demonstrates both a mastery of the issues - and a charming method of engaging others in her cause. Notably demonstrated in a since-gone-viral interview that effectively silenced Dragon Kevin O'Leary on live TV, she greatly raised awareness of the increasing prevalence of Genetically Modified Organisms in Canadian food in the process.   Believing that GMOs are impacting our health, environment, and entire ecosystem, today and for generations to come, and that denying GMO labelling is denying our fundamental right to transparency and choice, Rachel founded "Kids Right To Know", to fight on behalf of Canadians for what most of the world already enjoys: GMO labelling -  so we can choose. Learn more about Rachel...

Muhammad Qureshi

Conservation Leader, Ontario Nature

Only 21, Muhammad, as an NSERC funded researcher for 2 years, has been developing an innovative catalyst to remove sulfur from crude oil. But of greater impact: frustrated by the small scale impacts of most youth environmental groups, he cofounded the Ontario Nature Youth Council in 2010   to drive beyond park cleanups and tree plantings into the realm of policy, advocacy, conservation, leadership development and technical know-how.   ONYC has since introduced 400+ Ontario youth to native wildlife protection, founded the EnviroHub and created “The Healthy Campus” conference to share best practices across top 20 university campuses, has lobbied at both the provincial and federal level, and spawned other "youth powered" groups in communities across the province. Learn more about Muhammad...

Sarah Jane Wolch

Marketing & Business Development Specialist, Brookfield Johnson Controls

Sarah Jane  led the development of a nation-wide Green Team at BJC,  engaging 1900 employees. Earlier this year, she led an outreach program that raised $10,000 for WWF, and organized "Inspired Change" - a day long event that since 2012 has engaged 800 real estate leaders on sustainability issues.  She is a co-founder of Connecting Environmental Professionals Toronto, which has an outreach of over 135 professionals and was an organizer of "Leading Change", a group responsible for bringing together over 150 emerging leaders together at GLOBE 2014, the largest delegation at the conference. SJ has proven her ability to influence change at all levels, including executive and senior leadership.