Ellen McGregor

President & CEO, Fielding Chemical Technologies

Ellen’s commitment to true triple bottom line management has helped drive Fielding’s capabilities to recover and reuse spent chemicals. Her company measures its environmental impacts by comparing reuse versus manufacture of virgin chemicals. GhG reductions in a given year are equivalent to removing 6,000 cars from the road - or heating 5,000 homes. Over 1.6 million trees would have to be planted annually to absorb the emissions that Fielding helps prevent. Learn more about Ellen...  www.fieldchem.com  

Wade Barnes

President and CEO, Farmers Edge Precision Consulting

Wade pioneered the commercial application of Variable Rate Technology (VRT) to improve fertilizer use efficiency. Working with leading edge farmers since 2006, Farmers Edge has diverted an estimated 90,000 tonnes of phosphate fertilizer from being needlessly applied to fields. Over the past 8 years, VRT has improved nitrogen use efficiency, reduced nitrous oxide emissions and increased carbon sequestration on over 2 million acres globally providing an estimated net reduction of 75,000 tonnes of CO2e. Using a 4R Nutrient Stewardship approach (right source @ the right rate, time, and place) VRT delivers positive impacts on air, water, and soil quality while maintaining high yields and improving net returns. Learn more about Wade...  http://www.farmersedge.ca/ 

Joe Miranda

CEO, Canada Fibers

Joe and his team have built the largest Material Recycling Facility in North America and created 250 new jobs. The 130,000 square-foot Toronto facility sorts difficult-to-recycle, single stream commercial and municipal waste, diverting 350,000 tonnes of material from landfill each year. Currently recovering an industry-leading 75 to 80%, the goal is to recover 97% of all incoming materials. Walking the talk, to insulate the building, Joe used newspapers recovered from the waste stream. Learn more about Joe... www.canadafibersltd.com  

James Ewles

President, Raw Materials Company

The team at RMC are world leading DE-energizer eagles, transforming over 4 million pounds of consumer batteries a year into useful raw materials. The patented alkaline battery recycling technology is able to upcycle up to 92% of a battery's contents into new products used in steel industry and agricultural industry. No materials are landfilled and all recovered products are consumed within a few hundred miles of the ISO 14001 processing facility. Use of RMC's technology vs. the next best in class saves 184,000 Megawatt-hours of energy, 41,100 tonnes of GHG emissions and 16,300 tonnes of solid waste a year. Powerful - AND long lasting!