David Leger

President & CEO, PowerDisc Development

David's quest has been to make fuel cells commercially competitive with fossil fuel engines, so that we can replace one of the largest single sources of pollution and green house gases with power generation that emits only water. Based on a design breakthrough advanced by the team with help from NRC, the PowerDisc fuel cell delivers a significant performance improvement, one that makes their business case competitive with combustion engines at today’s fuel prices and manufacturing costs. Upcoming road tests are expected to prove in the field what PowerDisc has been showing in the lab – this innovation has met both performance and business requirements and it will be a game changer for the fuel cell industry and the planet. Learn more about David...  www.powerdisc.ca

Adam Noble

President, CEO and Founder Noble Purification Inc. and Noble Reliance Inc., Noble Holdings

If this story were a Walt Disney movie, it would be dismissed as fanciful. The remarkable reality is that, as a teenager trying to solve the riddle of how to prevent algae blooms in the lake beside his home, Adam, now 20, embarked on a journey of research, discovery and now development and testing of a solution that may solve multiple major problems - and cause a paradigm shift in waste water treatment in everything from mines to municipalities.  Techniques he has developed are entering a trial phase, expected to filter 100,000L wastewater/day, sequester large volumes of carbon dioxide and generate 13,000 Kg of Euglena filtrate for biofuel.  Better yet - the recovered cause of the algae blooms - silver nanoparticles - have been repurposed as a treatment for a childhood form of leukemia, and are expected to be used in treatment within 3 years.   This is one movie where we can't wait for the sequel!