Esther Speck

Founder and Principal; Sustainability Strategist, Speck Consulting

With Esther’s experience in enabling and leading change within and across organizations, it’s hard to imagine who has more capacity to help brands and retailers frame and improve their performance. At MEC, she partnered with internal leads to guide strategy and integration where measurable outcomes included: increased products made with environmentally preferred materials; 30% absolute carbon emission reduction in operations and logistics and over 100,000 actions for wilderness protection. Now consulting, Esther has worked with international brands on strategy development and implementation, including REI, where she is helping the $2 billion US based outdoor retailer scale its impact. Many talk of being thought leaders: Esther embodies the concept. Learn more about Esther...

Luc Lortie

Sustainability Director, Costco

Luc is Costco's first sustainability manager, and has built sustainability programs that are meshed with the company's values: Sustainability by its nature reduces waste and thus cost - savings that are passed on to Costco's members. Some accomplishments are easily measured such as energy savings of 1M kwh per warehouse per year in LED and electronic ballast retrofit projects.More importantly, giving Costco buyers the education and ability to consider green elements in which products are purchased going beyond strictly price has reduced waste, transportation impacts, and motivated changes to supplier behaviour.

Andrew Telfer

Manager, Sustainability, Walmart Canada

Andrew's focus has been to embed sustainability into Walmart’s business and culture.  His influence has been felt in supplier packaging optimization (decreased GHG by 16%), lighting retrofits, Canada's first solely LED lit big-box store, enhanced waste diversion (75%), and identifying hot spots in certain categories to help merchandisers look for alternatives.  The biggest long-term impact may come from instilling a sustainability metric into 150 buyers' annual evaluations.  Andrew is also a member of Walmart's Global Sustainability Leaders team, and the Retail Council's sustainability steering committee. Learn more about Andrew...