Anna Mathewson

Manager, Sustainability, City of Surrey

Anna leads the City of Surrey’s sustainability efforts at the community and corporate level.  She spearheaded the development of 80 community sustainability indicators and targets, and the creation of Surrey’s innovative Sustainability Dashboard that reports annually on sustainability trends and has become a model for other cities.  Anna further launched the award-winning Community Climate Action Strategy that integrates mitigation and adaptation, and is forecast to reduce per capita GHG emissions by 47% before 2040. Tackling problems on all fronts, Anna has also worked with various stakeholders throughout the City, including the Board of Trade and School District, to align with their sustainability initiatives through developing programs for integrated sustainability education, and supporting local businesses to measure and reduce their GHG emissions and energy use.

Dr. Jennifer Babin-Fenske

Coordinator of EarthCare Sudbury Initiatives, City of Greater Sudbury

As the source for environmental information at networking within the City of Greater Sudbury, Jennifer raises environmental awareness through unique outreach programs which encourages positive behavioural changes, and strengthens the City’s partnerships.  Since 2013, Jennifer has been the lead organizer for events, campaigns and publications surrounding environmental sustainability, and increased the EarthCare Sudbury partnership by 60% to include 180 organizations.    One program has introduced classroom kits to 45% of elementary schools and 71% of secondary schools.  She has established strong relationships within the community and provides resources for residents who want to live more sustainably.