C Wade Sheen

CEO, Cooledge Lighting

Cooledge is disrupting the 135 year old electric lighting industry with the world's first sustainable high-efficiency lighting system.  Made from feedstocks from the current recyclable materials stream, Cooledge's thin, flexible, efficient lighting systems are revolutionizing the way light is merged with architecture, using products that can be fully recycled at the end of their useful lighting lifecycle.  Being twice as efficient as current fluorescent lighting systems used in retail, industrial, institutional and office environments, Cooledge's LED based lighting systems can reduce the world's electrical consumption for lighting by 50%, resulting in a corresponding reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. From building the technical team and making significant contributions to the early designs and technology, through building a global sales and distribution network, Wade continues to lead the company in industry leading growth. Learn more about Wade...www.cooledgelighting.com

Phil Dennis

Senior Manager, SiREM

SiREM is a global applied bioremediation leader that has cleaned over a billion litres of groundwater and have optimized remediation processes at thousands of sites. With roles in business development and improving SiREM’s technical offerings through R&D, Phil spearheaded the launch and growth of the company, which uses beneficial microorganisms such as chloroform and dichloromethane degrading cultures and next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies to sustainably rehabilitate contaminated land and increase access to clean water.Through ongoing research and advocacy, Phil is ensuring that billons more litres of groundwater will be sustainably purified in the near future.

Paul Mertes, President & CEO, CircuitMeter
Michael Ordanis, CTO, CircuitMeter
Dan Seto, COO, CircuitMeter

CircuitMeter Team: Paul Mertes, Dan Seto & Michael Ordanis

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken and don’t measure – and unless we can charge the actual user for their own energy consumption, the incentive to reduce is lacking any personal impact.   Enter CircuitMeter – an easy add on to any electrical panel that can accurately measure electrical consumption circuit by circuit, right down to measuring even the consumption of a computer mouse, enabling multi-tenant commercial buildings to now reliably meter individual tenants’ electricity consumption – and equally as effectively, enables companies to force departments to pay attention to their own energy consumption.

Mark Windrim, Co-Founder & CTO, Clear Blue Technologies
Miriam Tuerk, Co-Founder & CEO, Clear Blue Technologies
John Tuerk, CoFounder & Head, Power and Applications, Clear Blue Technologies

Clear Blue Team: Miriam Tuerk, Mark Windrim & John Tuerk

Clear Blue Technologies is making off-grid solar and wind powered systems including streetlights, emergency power and security cameras highly reliable, easy to install and maintain, and controllable and serviceable over the Internet. As a result, municipalities and businesses can now turn to environmentally friendly technology to reduce their reliance on carbon fuel and eliminate the disruption and expense of installing power cabling wherever these systems are needed.