Mike Gerbis

CEO, The Delphi Group

No other company knows sustainability like the Delphi Group! In just over 25 years, Delphi has completed over 2,000 sustainability-related projects with more than 200 public and private-sector organizations around the world.  As the leader of Canada’s largest sustainability team, Mike is accelerating environmental performance and innovation by advising sustainability-focused organizations including COSIA and STDC as well as numerous FP500 companies. Recent accomplishments include the partnership he facilitated between CN Rail and Tree Canada for the design of their eco-fund, which provides funding for the greening of municipal properties. Next up:  GLOBE - The world’s longest running environmental business forum, which provides transformational dialogue in support of the transition to a low-carbon economy. Learn more about Mike...www.delphi.ca

David Ashfield

Founding Partner, The Municipal Infrastructure Group

A recognized leader in water resources engineering, from large-scale watershed studies to local stormwater management systems, David led his 50-person team in the development of more than 1,000 acres of communities while implementing sustainable development principles to protect woodlots, wetlands, and stream corridors. He has played a key role in engineering sustainable communities by pioneering innovative and practical solutions, including Low Impact Development (LID) that enhance water quality and improve water quantity control. David is currently working on effective removal of soluble materials, like phosphorous and salt, from newly developed drainage systems. These are by-products of urban communities, and over time are steadily contaminating our fresh water resources.

Franklin Holtforster,
Ralf Nielsen, Principal and Director of Sustainability, MHPM Project Managers

MHPM Team: Franklin Holtforster & Ralf Nielsen

Franklin and Ralf led a team of 177 LEED accredited technical staff in the delivery of over 150 LEED registered and certified green building projects in Canada, worth $4B in construction value. Franklin provides strategic guidance on the integration of sustainability into the company’s operations and professional practice and works with Ralf on company strategy, reporting, materiality and industry trends. As outstanding advocates for sustainability in the design and construction industry, this duo has championed the company’s Sustainability is Free™ philosophy which situates sustainability integration into facility projects as an imperative for future worth and return on investment. Learn more about Franklin & Ralf...www.mhpm.com