Kent Rathwell

CEO and President, Sun Country Highway

You wouldn’t think that birdseed and EV chargers could naturally go hand in hand, but Kent found a way to make it work. To reach his goal of a zero emissions value chain at Sun Country Farms, Kent installed EV charging stations at his retail locations – but he didn’t stop there. Kent went on to create the Sun Country Highway, the world’s longest green highway. By investing his own net worth and collaborating with others, he was able to donate and install EV chargers along the Trans-Canada Highway, and enabled 100% EVs to travel from sea-to-sea, cash and emission free! Today, thanks to Kent’s efforts, 95% of Canada’s highways are EV accessible and he is now promoting emission-free travel through the Sun Country Highway Annual E-mazing Race.

Robert Cadieux

Fellow, Manager, Environment and Sustainable Devlopment, Pratt & Whitney Canada

On average and for at least the last 7 years, each year P&WC had reduced its yearly GhG emissions by 2.5%, total industrial waste by 4%, non recycled waste by 6%, non GhG air emissions by 6% and water consumption by 4%. All of the reductions have been achieved in absolute terms without normalisation to growth, which has been 1% per year during the same period. While Robert has been the prime driver for many of these successes, the biggest impact has come through P&WC’s success in making its airplane engines increasingly efficient.

Pascale Lagacé, Vice-President, Environment and Climate Change, Resolute Forest Products
Alice Minville, Senior Legal Counsel, Resolute Forest Products
Mylene Labrie, Analyst, Environment and Climate Change , Resolute Forest Products
Jim Balik, Manager, Environment, Resolute Forest Products

Resolute Team: Pascale Lagacé, Alice Minville, Mylene Labrie & Jim Balik

Resolute’s company-wide environmental performance is tightly measured and improvements are many. In the past 2 years, Pascale and her team, with strong support from Resolute’s CEO Richard Garneau, have helped drive a cultural shift throughout the company that was embraced by all employees. Among the changes: new policies which better track all environmental incidents that drove a reduction in their number by 19% in 2014, and a further 60% in the first 6 months of 2015; investments to eliminate all use of coal, and significant reductions in use of heavy oil. 72% of their energy now comes from renewable sources and GhG emissions have been reduced by a further 7% since 2013, for a total reduction of 70% since 2000; Certification of all but three operations to best-practice standard of ISO 14001 has been achieved, and the company has initiated tracking of Resolute’s scope 3 GhG emissions, strengthening their commitment to WWF®’s Climate Savers program.

Steven Sage

Vice President, Sustainability & Innovation, Kruger Products

In 2010, Steven championed the development and execution of Kruger Products’ “Sustainability 2015” program to reduce its environmental footprint. Under his leadership, KP became the first Canadian tissue manufacturer to be FSC certified, offers one of largest third-party certified tissue portfolios in North America, and since 2009 has reduced energy at its Canadian plants by 8.3%, GhG emissions by 22.2%, water use by 11.4% and packaging by 12.1%. KP utilizes 110,000 tonnes of recycled fibre in the manufacturing of its products annually, diverting over 16,000 garbage trucks from landfill and saving 1.8 million trees. Steven also created the Leaders in Sustainable Thinking roundtable to encourage industry collaboration around sustainability issues.  The Sustainability 2020 plan has even more ambitious goals.