Joseph Kuhach, CEO, Nsolv Corporation
John Nenniger, CTO & Founder, Nsolv Corporation
Alexander Stickler,
Paul Krawchuk, VP Operations, Nsolv Corporation

Nsolv Team: Joe Kuhach, John Nenniger, Alexander Stickler & Paul Krawchuk

Say “Goodbye” to SAGD and “Hello” to Nsolv! The company’s revolutionary solvent technology is demonstrating the possibility of clean, profitable and more sustainable oil extraction. Nsolv consumes zero water, reduces GhG emissions by 80%, and it leaves most asphaltenes and heavy metals in-situ, meaning 20% less waste for each extracted barrel – but that’s not all! It also reduces pipeline requirements, is 40% cheaper to purchase and requires 80% less energy input than today’s standard SAGD, making it an economically viable option at today’s low oil prices. Lastly, Nsolv’s lower operating pressure unlocks access to additional resources, potentially increasing Canadian in-situ reserves by 20-40%.

André Boulet, President and CEO, Inventys Thermal Technologies
Brett Henkel, VP, Commercial Development, Inventys Thermal Technologies
Soheil Khiavi, VP, Technology, Inventys Thermal Technologies
Darryl Wolanski, VP, Business Development, Inventys Thermal Technologies

Inventys Team: André Boulet, Brett Henkel, Soheil Khiavi & Darryl Wolanski

The Inventys team developed the VeloxoTherm™ System, the world's first post-combustion CO₂ capture process using structured adsorbents (picture a collection of connected sponges - all soaking up carbon). This is a radically different approach that uses smaller equipment, consumes less energy, adds no new components to the emissions stream and removes 90% of CO2 from the flue gas stream. At one third of the cost of traditional, solvent-based approaches, the patented VeloxoTherm™ technology is the most economically viable approach for separating CO₂ from flue gas streams. This technological marvel, which makes it easier and quicker to separate CO₂ from flue gas streams, may help bridge the gap between fossil fuels and environmental sustainability, and perhaps help pave the way to a low carbon economy.

Majid Bahrami

Canada Research Chair in Alternative Energy Conversion Systems, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Bahrami established the unique, world-class Laboratory for Alternative Energy Conversion for sustainable systems. Through collaboration with industry, he has developed innovative ‘clean’ solutions ranging from passive cooling systems for telecom (15% C-footprint reduction) to adsorption cooling systems, using waste heat, and eliminating harmful refrigerants. He is a leading researcher in graphite heat exchangers, fuel cell materials, sustainable cooling, thermal management of batteries, and atmospheric water generation. He has trained over 70 students in sustainability research.