Stephen Cheeseman

President & CEO, Chinook Power

The $415 million investment in the Quality Wind Farm that Stephen drove provided for approximately 100 person years of construction work to local and First Nations businesses, 8 full time jobs and an alternative/sustainable business for a single industry town in northern BC. More importantly, the project delivers 142 MW and is BC’s largest energy producing wind farm providing clean electricity to approximately 45,000 homes annually. Instrumental in helping shape the BC Government’s wind power policy, Stephen advocates tirelessly to ensure the acceptance of renewable energy and adoption of clean technologies – and is trying hard to use independently produced energy to avoid the Site C dam project. Learn more about      

Lynn Mueller

President & CEO, International Wastewater Systems

Not everyone wants to think about hot sewage, but Mr. Mueller and his team think about little else. Every day, the average North American family flushes one full tank of hot water down the drain – water that entered the building at 7-9°C and leaves at 20-25°C. Lynn led his team at IWS to develop and deploy their patented Sewage Heat And ReCovery system “SHARC" - a completely turnkey solution for industrial, commercial and multi-unit residential buildings that captures just the water, runs it through heat exchangers, producing a heating and cooling solution complete with touch screen controls, email alerts and heat pumps. The system has demonstrated technological efficiencies of up to 600% and energy savings of 30-85% - nothing smelly about that!