Steve Byrne

Director, Green4Good, Compugen Finance Inc.

Moores Law and seemingly endless amounts of cheap storage mean we are all constantly replacing our computers with later and greater – a trend that leaves in its wake an ever growing supply of used IT assets. Enter Compugen Finance‘s Green4Good program, which, under Steve’s direction, merges the IT, environmental and philanthropic goals of corporate Canada by running an IT asset re-use and recycling program that has, so far, diverted over 580,000 different IT assets from landfill – providing 92% with a second life, and raised 1.2 million in cash for charities. Some of those “second lives” include providing PCs much needed by lower income families and charities. Win-win!

Peter Maddock

Manager Regulatory Compliance, Panasonic Canada Inc.

Peter has taken a leadership role by diving into a variety of projects that work to promote electronic waste diversion and recycling within Panasonic Canada and beyond. He worked to create a company-wide organics recycling program that collected 17.5 MT for composting in its first year. He also led his team to achieve a 91% diversion rate for waste generated at their Warehouse facilities and launched an Employee Recycling Centre at their Head Office to inspire employees to responsibly recycle hazardous materials. He also sits on the Board of the Electronic Producers Stewardship Council.