Bryan Gilvesy, Executive Director, ALUS Canada
Dave Reid, Eastern Hub Manager, ALUS Canada
Lynn Bishop, Director of Operations, ALUS Canada
Lara Ellis, Director of Strategic Initiatives, ALUS Canada

ALUS Canada Team: Brian Gilvesy, Lynn Bishop, Lara Ellis & Dave Reid

When no value is placed on natural capital, it is tempting to convert wetlands, woodlots and other environmentally valuable lands to more profitable uses. Enter ALUS Canada, a newly independent not-for-profit organization, active in six provinces. ALUS provides annual payments for farmers and ranchers who enhance natural features on their land, producing clean air, clean water and wildlife habitat for the benefit of all Canadians. This innovative program provides a unique way for corporations, governments, and individuals to invest in natural capital by supporting the production of ecosystem services on agricultural acres across Canada. ALUS has already restored 18,200 acres in 20 communities, and has a long waiting list of new projects ready to go.

Robert Shirkey

Executive Director, Our Horizon

"HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH"! The day such warning labels appear on a gas pump near you is coming closer, because of Rob’s tireless advocacy.  Retiring from practicing law and renting out his home while living in a cramped basement apartment in order to devote time and money to the cause, Rob has spoken to city councils across Canada, and provided them with a well drafted legal opinion to support his campaign to get warning labels on every gas pump in the country.  The City of North Vancouver is the first in the world to do so – and there are more on the way.  Expect oil companies to fight back.

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