Vincent Chornet

Cofounder, President and CEO, Enerkem Inc.

The guiding force behind Enerkem’s development since the company’s inception in 2000, Vincent has raised a total of C$435 million in various financings. He most recently led the opening of the company’s first full-scale production facility in Edmonton. In collaboration with the City and Alberta Innovates, this facility became the first ISCC certified plant in the world to convert municipal solid waste into biomethanol and it will expand its product offering with ethanol next year. This pioneering facility will allow the city of Edmonton to increase its waste diversion from landfill from today’s 50% up to 90%, reducing GhG emissions by 60% every year compared to gasoline, while generating sufficient biofuels to power 400,000 cars annually.

Jeff Addison

Managing Director, Kiko Water Systems Ltd.

Sometimes going to science class produces magic!  Utilizing proprietary nanotechnology that, by weakening hydrogen bonding, lowers the specific heat capacity and surface tension of HVAC water, Kiko dramatically improves HVAC system performance and reduces energy consumption of operations like the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver by between 10 and 30% per year. Without incurring any capital costs or project management requirements, the hotel reduced energy consumption 19% and saved 376 tonnes of CO2 using the technology.  Beyond that, the technology reduces load, improving system response time, and lowering maintenance costs while extending HVAC equipment lifespan. And Kiko makes maintenance calls in hybrid vehicles!

Guy Drouin

President, Biothermica Carbone Inc

Burning coal isn’t the only bad thing about it… Mining coal produces 500 million tons of CO2e each year in the form of methane – 1% of all the world’s GHG!  Which is why the world needs Biothermica’s VAMOX technology which destroy methane, an harmfull GHG.  Under Guy’s leadership, the family owned venture successfully financed, built, owned and operated the first coal mine ventilation shaft methane abatement system in North America, resulting in the registration of 80,766 California Carbon Offset credits being sold on the Quebec-California regulated carbon market.

Audrey Mascarenhas

President and CEO, Questor Technology Inc.

Audrey’s team has two technologies: The first, Questor's own clean methane combustion, destroys harmful pollutants and eliminates waste from flaring and venting in oil and gas production, could reduce the world's GHG emissions by 23% at a cost of less than $3 / tonne and significantly improve air quality. The second, which the company acquired and adapted, can generate power from the waste heat the first produces. If fully deployed in Alberta, Questor estimates their solution could reduce GhG emissions by 49.1 Megatonnes per year, at a cost of $1.70 / ton, conserving 690 MMscf/d of gas currently wasted.