Milla Craig

Principal, Millani Perspectives

When often judged on losses and gains over the short term, it can sometimes be hard to persuade traders on the exchange floor that integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk factors into their decisions will produce better long term results. Working extensively with pension fund and investment managers, Milla has helped them understand the why – and the how of effectively integrating ESG factors into investment decisions.  The subject matter expert on the subject for a 2016 global Responsible Investing study, Milla is also the Co-Founder of the Finance and Sustainability Initiative which connects sustainability and finance professionals, and sponsors research.

Tania Caceres

Principal, Risk Nexus

Breaking through silos to integrate risk and sustainability management strategy with systems and processes, Tania contributed to the designof “Refined Risk” – a software and dashboard platform that helps real estate investors cut through vast amounts of data to identify critical information and opportunities to enhance real estate portfolio resilience and ESG performance. Pushing the limits of routine risk management, the solution helps drive climate resiliency improvement strategies and thus value protection for her real estate and infrastructure investor clients and the tens of billions of investment dollars they invest in over 250 million square feet of real estate.

Laura Zizzo

Founder and CEO, Zizzo Strategy Inc.

Founder of the first law firm in Canada to deal exclusively with issues related to climate change, Laura has long been an expert advisor in climate related risk. In 2015, she shifted focus away from the law, founding Zizzo Strategy to help clients identify climate risks, opportunities and adaptation strategies. Her clients range from the YMCA to large financial institutions to municipalities and provincial governments. A notable NRCan-sponsored project considered climate readiness of Canadian electricity providers, another looked at climate disclosures of public companies. Along the way, she has developed courses for engineers and corporate leaders on the subject.