Dr. Eric Bauce

Executive and Development Vice-Rector, Université Laval

Sustainability is a way of life at Université Laval, where all faculties, departments, services, students, and employees have joined an all-encompassing initiative started by Éric. Under his leadership, Université Laval has become a model for sustainable development integration, Québec’s first carbon neutral university campus, and Canada’s first university to voluntarily offset its carbon footprint. Over 27,000 students each year choose at least one of 348 (soon to be 500) sustainable development courses on offer. Which may help explain the high level of engagement across Campus, and why various international sustainability award programs have named Laval first in Canada.

Dr. David Bell

Board Chair, Learning for a Sustainable Future

Ensuring that education for sustainable development (ESD) is embedded in the formal education system, LSF makes it a priority to help partners advance education policy, standards and good practice. Since 2014, under David’s leadership, LSF has engaged 32 Canadian Ministries (Education, Advanced Education, Natural Resources and Environment), 51 Canadian Faculties of Education, and 55 countries through international presentations – and importantly, delivered specialized 120 training sessions to 4,242 teachers.  The former Dean of York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies, and a recognized ESD expert and thought leader, David is a trusted resource to numerous education ministers and their deputies, UNESCO, and institutions world-wide.

David Dodge

Producer, Green Energy Futures

To move the needle on sustainability in Canada, it’s critical that Canadians understand just what it is possible to do with alternative energy, and the opportunities for new, low carbon energy sources. Over the past four years David and GEF have done just that, producing over 150 stories as both radio shows and videos that have been downloaded 2.5 million times (an average of over 16,600 per video!) inspiring Canadians and others around the world with a wide variety of stories featuring of all types of people innovating and driving the clean energy revolution in Canada – and indeed, a green energy future!

Kelly Drennan

Founding Executive Director, Fashion Takes Action

A cesspool of dangerous chemicals from lead to arsenic, and wasted resources, from water to cotton, the fashion industry is built on persuading consumers they won’t be successful unless they’re hip – requiring a disposable new look daily – while ignoring worker safety!  Persuading the industry to change won’t work unless we first persuade consumers to be mindful, and to vote with their wallets. How and what we spend our money on can effectively help shape what the industry is making.  Kelly takes action,  in the last year delivering “My Clothes My World” workshops to over 5000 students from Hamilton to Bowmanville, running the now annual WEAR Conference (World Ethical Apparel Roundtable) and rocking the internet and the catwalk with green fashion shows, blogs and tips from celebrities.

Dr. Walter Mérida

Director, Clean Energy Research Centre, UBC

A clean energy solutions developer for over 20 years, Walter is now an equal part innovation accelerator energizer bunny. He formed and led a clean-energy partnership between UBC and the Fraunhofer Society in Germany and with 23 other diverse partners. He leads a multi-institutional group (Transportation Futures) at the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, serves as Director for the Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium, the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, and is one of the founders for the Institute for Breakthrough Energy Technologies in Vancouver, and oh - also oversees a Master of Engineering Leadership program in clean energy.