Claire Bennett

Manager: Sustainability Office, Wilfrid Laurier University

From bottom of the list to “Top Performer” and “Rising Star” levels of recognition from both local and international sustainability rankers, Claire has driven exponential advancement at Laurier, reducing intensity based GhG’s by 18% in the past few years.  Major gains have come from progressive infrastructure and operational improvements, including an substantial energy management initiative to reduce consumption over 30% through integrated smart grid applications as well as a multi-faceted central waste program that diverts 63% of waste, while achieving meaningful process improvements. Claire also provides local leadership, serving as past chair and current member of Waterloo Region’s Climate Action Committee.’s Climate Action Committee.

Kevin Davies

Founder & CEO, Hop Compost

Since creating Canada’s first inner-city compost facility in February 2015 and pioneering a closed loop around it, Kevin and Hop have saved 2.5 million pounds of food waste from landfill, and crafted the most nutrient-rich compost in Canada to boost organic crop yields. And it works! Hop's first delivery of its signature organic compost went to Grow Calgary, the largest urban farm in Canada, which announced its crop yields were rising so much, it expected to donate 1,125 more meals to the Calgary Food Bank over its next 12 months. Hop now supplies the majority of urban farmlands in Calgary.

Joanna Kyriazis

Policy Director, Zizzo Strategy

As a lawyer, policy advisor and strategist at the first climate change consulting firm in Canada, Joanna helps public and private sector clients integrate climate change into their projects, planning and portfolios. She has also worked closely with not-for-profits and international organizations such as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, developing policies and legal frameworks relating to land-use and transportation planning, resilient cities and biodiversity. Joanna recently opened Zizzo Strategy’s Vancouver office and serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of GreenPAC, a non-partisan political action effort that seeks to build environmental leadership in Canadian politics.

Serguei Tchertok

Manager, Sustainability, Grand & Toy

A relative newcomer to the company, hired as Grand & Toy was acquired by Office Depot, Serguei has moved quickly to find ways to take best ideas from around the world, improve and integrate them into Canadian operations.  Chief among them has been the “Shades of Green” program which both identifies different products comparative “green” attributes, and also enables Grand & Toy to let their customers know exactly how green their spend is. Armed with this data,  Serguei instituted a recognition program, celebrating the retailer’s “greenest” customers.  The company is also helping its customers recycle, and internal waste was reduced 13% last year.

Ruth Legg

Manager, Sustainability, HSBC Bank Canada

Effective employee engagement isn’t easy, but Ruth makes it look that way, getting a third of HSBC Bank Canada’s employees – over 2,000 – meaningfully involved in environmental and social programs in the last two years. Employees stepped up as volunteers, citizen scientists, donors and sustainability leaders in their communities across the country. A total of 44% contributed to the United Way, raising over $750,000 last year, and increasing participation. Ruth also manages the global HSBC Water Programme in Canada, as well as engages HSBC executives Canada-wide as champions, driving sustainability across all areas of the business.

Tikvah Mindorff

Executive Director , Niagara Sustainability Initiative

The youngest recipient of Niagara's 40 under 40 award in 2016, Tikvah has led the Niagara Sustainability Initiative's Carbon Project through a 230% increase in Carbon Project Membership since 2011, engaging local businesses in efforts to reduce GhG emissions. NSI now counts active members from each of the largest 10 employers in Niagara representing over 9.1% of the total workforce in the region. In 2016, members committed to reducing 6194.54 tCO2e collectively, which is equivalent to taking 2936 cars off the road.

Geoff Osborne

Associate, NRStor Inc.

A jack of all trades, Geoff has his fingers all over NRStor’s growing business - identifying business development opportunities, managing project development and construction, strategic planning, evaluating new technologies and business models, coordinating technical proposals, and conducting market research and analysis while also working with stakeholders to help advance regulatory policy and enable the increased adoption of energy storage in Ontario. Geoff played a key role in the development and execution of NRStor’s first installation and currently manages commercial operations for the 2MW / 500kWh flywheel energy storage facility, as well as roles on the  CAES and Tesla project teams.

Emily Partington

Project Director, Sustainability & Energy, WSP

Through her work as the leader of WSP’s Sustainability Strategy and GHG Emissions & Resource Management practices, Emily has advised Canada’s top companies with over $130 billion in combined assets in committing to achieve 140 million eKWh in energy savings, 39 thousand tonnes of CO2e in GHG emissions avoidance, 690 million litres in water savings, and 14,000 tonnes of waste diversion from landfills - the equivalent of nearly 4.4 million barrels of oil or 94 million vehicle miles. As team leader, she also provides thought leadership, and plays a key role in business development and coordinating the team’s research activities.

Apoorv Sinha

President, Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Not content with one role, Apoorv burns his carbon at both ends!  At CUT, a novel Carbon Capture & Utilization technology startup, he is commercializing a process to process to convert CO2 emissions into performance-enhancing fillers for concrete, plastics, and batteries, that in concrete improves strength by 20% and in poly-urethane, a whopping 80%! Since joining zEroCor ‘s efforts, Apoorv has developed a network of researchers at 50 universities worldwide, and with their help is developing and beta-testing a slew of environmentally friendly products including coatings to replace galvanizing, membranes to capture carbon nanoparticles, and additives that make concrete 20% more durable.

Andrew White

Chief Executive Officer, CHAR Technologies Ltd.

Andrew is the co-inventor of SulfaCHAR, an environmentally-friendly biogas cleaning solution that addresses the growing $3B global problem caused by hydrogen sulfide. After receiving funding from the SD Natural Gas fund CHAR is constructing a SulfaCHAR production facility, which is on-track for commissioning in January. While small at 1-tonne per day production capacity, it will lead to 400 tonnes of CO2,eq carbon sequestered, and reduction of 50 tonnes of SOx emissions, per year and will be a springboard for increasing production by an order of magnitude.  Other recent milestones? Taking the company public and a first sale for $300K!