Christine Bergeron

Vice President, Community Business, Vancity Savings Credit Union

Since 2014, Christine has led a major push for impact investing that has driven Vancity to the forefront in Canada, growing their annual impact business lending 250% to over $300 million, and providing affordable capital to support hundreds of small businesses, clean tech companies, energy efficiency enhancements, and social enterprises.  Behind the growth?  Increasing the team writing impact deals from a small minority to almost everyone, improving outreach to start ups and social enterprises through partnering with UBC, SFU's Radius Ventures, and the Women's Enterprise Centre, and laying foundations for the impact investing ecosystem in BC.

David Berliner, CEO/Co-founder, CoPower
Raphael Bouskila, President / Co-founder, CoPower
Trish Nixon, Director, Investments, CoPower

CoPower Team: David Berliner, Raphael Bouskila & Trish Nixon

Question: What do you get when you take 3 whip smart millennials with backgrounds in finance, technology, and renewable energy, and add a passion for clean energy? Answer:  A “B Corp” – and a new clean energy investment company! Starting just 2 years ago, the CoPower trio of David, Raphael and Trish has developed an online platform for clean energy infrastructure investments, raised over $7 million from investors, including RBC, and put it to work funding projects projected to mitigate 1,100 tonnes of CO2e, produce over 1.7 million kWh of solar energy and save over 132,000 m3 of natural gas.

Nancy Wright

Chief Operating Officer, GLOBE Series

While Canadians were optimistic in the wake of COP21, that progress was finally possible, there was lots of heavy lifting still to be done – starting with a First Minister’s conference and finding ways for scientists, clean tech companies and civil society to engage governments making policy decisions in real time.  And a lot of that heavy lifting was done by the GLOBE team, led by Nancy, who dovetailed the bi-annual GLOBE gathering of over 1,000 experts in sustainability with the descending army of government ministers and staff to facilitate and produce the most productive conference on the environment in Canada in decades.