Andrew Hejnar

Energy Manager, 3M Canada Company

Invoking a culture change, running energy awareness campaigns and executive support have been critical to Andrew’s success in helping 3M Canada reduce natural consumption by gas by 10 million cubic meters, electricity demand by 1,591kW and electricity consumption by 18 GWH. His work led to GhG emission reduction by 71,300 tonnes. Andrew has focused on Energy Management implementations, leading the first  Enterprise level ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems implementation in Canada including six facilities across the country and the first Global Superior Energy (GSEP) Performance with ISO 50001 certification at platinum level, resulting in 22% of energy intensity improvement companywide.

Karen Hamberg

Vice-President, Strategy, Westport Fuel Systems Inc.

Heavy-duty transportation is an enabler of the Canadian economy.  And freight movement almost always involves diesel engines. Enter Westport, with innovative and efficient alternative fuel engines which currently produce the same horsepower and torque, but with 18-20% fewer GHGs, and a lot less smog – engines that can also run on renewable methane from organic sources like landfills and dairies. Karen leads publicly on climate change as a strong environmental voice on emission reductions from the transport sector, pushing regulators to keep upping the standards for truck emissions – standards Westport already meets.

Judson Whiteside

Director, Energy & Infrastructure , Magna International Inc.

Presently overseeing Magna’s utility scale solar racking and single axis tracking solutions division which in 2015/16 supplied over 150MW of structures for solar projects in the Ontario market, Judson previously, led  the development of several advanced energy savings projects including over 9MW of behind the meter combined heat and power projects in Ontario that will save over 50,760 MWh annually,and worked on over 6MW of tri-generation projects for Magna’s facilities in Mexico, as well as a wide variety of initiatives which resulted in a plethora of other energy savings.    He’s also an active team member developing corporate lead sustainability initiatives within Magna.